How to Attract a Happy Lifestyle

It’s difficult to create a lifestyle if you don’t know what kind you want. And if you want a happy relationship, happiness should be your goal as well as lifestyle already.

Choosing happiness every day of our lives simply by choosing people and activities that perpetuate it as well as visualizations and the conviction of your dreams becoming real is mandatory if we want to remain in a good mood. Being in a good mood makes us feel fulfilled, and that is what makes us confident in having even more soon, especially our desires coming true. That is how happiness works.

It can be hard to stay positive about a relationship at times. Relationships bring out our deepest vulnerabilities but that is exactly why they are beautiful. Being touched by love and another person’s heart opens your own. It opens the real you up to living your happiest life.

Reacting to the insecurities relationships bring out instead of the happiness they produce is where we go wrong. Worrying about the future instead of enjoying the idea of it hurts us yet we keep doing it. If worrying brings nothing, even more worrying brings even less. So we need to decide to say goodbye to concern and begin to expect positive outcomes instead.

Don’t worry to the point of producing nothing but the negative…and we have all been there at least once. Instead, decide to create the life you want by first deciding what that life is, and it is whatever makes you happy to see yourself living.

Expecting the best is a Law of Attraction lifestyle. It is a lifestyle of happiness and unconditional belief in all of its aspects. It is imagining yourself living your dreams and accepting it as the only possibility. It is imagining yourself having everything you want and feeling the way you want to feel with the love of your life.

Not putting enough time into thinking about what we want is another mistake – if we spend most of our time worrying, we are not engaging in the thoughts about the things we want enough. If you find that you spent most of your time unhappy, you must spend more time thinking about what you want in order to attract it. You must start imagining what you would love to happen because imagination is the best Law of Attraction tool we have to use.

With imagination comes visualization and this is where we truly allow ourselves to experience our dreams coming true.

And our dreams coming true means attracting a lifestyle we desire and deserve.


Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

5 thoughts on “How to Attract a Happy Lifestyle

  1. Yes Nina. I do agree but how does one attract happiness in one’s life daily when your careeris surrounded by complaining and rudeness with expletives only to be sprinkled with few thank you? My career is in customer service industry and I tried desperately everyday to be cheerful and helpful and at times happiness and lasbof attraction can be difficult to manifest. How?

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    1. Hi Pam! Imagine what your ideal work environment would be like. How would you be treated, spoken to and appreciated? Spend time visualizing what it would be like and find the good parts of your current environment to be grateful for. Even one thank you and the appreciation of it produces more of the same! Imagine what it would be like to receive thank yous all the time and if it makes you happy, visualize it some more. Focus on thinking about the kind of work environment that would make you happy to be in.

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