Nina Grdic

Welcome to The Law of Attraction Lifestyle! I’m Nina, a lifelong practitioner of effortless but intentional manifestation. I am your number one guide to using Law of Attraction for making everything you want in life come true.


Because it’s possible, and you deserve it.

Let me outline my manifestation bio. I was born in Croatia and manifested a move to the US when I was fourteen years old (with my family!), then a move to Belgium where I lived for many years. I also manifested extensive travel as well as my life abroad, including all-expenses-paid trips to Brazil, France, Spain, UK and the US. I manifested weight loss, my appearance, every school, job and salary; I manifested my own business twice and every specific friendship and specific person relationship I have ever had. I also manifested my husband, our marriage and moving back to the US in 2019.

Great, right?

It was. It is! I was enjoying an easy and exciting lifestyle of many different experiences. I wanted to be able to say that I have truly lived. You can read the details of my past manifestations in my many posts over the years. Today, I have massively upgraded my lifestyle. In 2022 and on, I want to document my lifestyle in real time and be the leading voice of helping you create unbreakable positivity and self-confidence self-confidence, because they automatically lead to manifestation.

I use Law of Attraction passionately and have a lot to say.


We use Law of Attraction to manifest our desires, and the entire process happens in our thoughts and feelings. It starts by convincing yourself that you are the person living your desire already! You are now a specific person’s romantic partner/someone with money/a successful businessperson/a parent/world traveler. You must think of yourself as a person who has what they want every day!

This is how I think of myself.

I assume that whatever I want is mine because I deserve it. I am already the person who has this, whatever it is. I am also grateful for everything I have in the current reality because such gratitude makes me receive even more, including my desires. Also, I am grateful for having my desires already. This is positivity, and a receiving energy! Positive thinking makes us open to receiving. Gratitude and self-love are the greatest creators.


My first encounter with Law of Attraction and its meaning happened with visualization. As a child, I would play and pretend being where I wanted to be, with the people I wanted there. As a result of this pure child’s play, I began meeting people I wanted to meet and manifesting the fun I wanted to have, because playing gave me happiness and emotion as strong as if I had truly experienced my desires already. That happiness and emotion created those experiences.

My first boyfriend in kindergarten, my first concert, meeting my favorite rock stars… My first trips and plane ride, wonderful friends, gifts… I would just see them and assume they were mine. And this was by preschool age! That’s how powerful LoA is. That’s how powerful thoughts and feelings are!

Next, I was introduced to the power of positive thinking – little did I know that this element of manifestation was my introduction to affirmations. When I learned about positive thinking, something just clicked. Upon testing out the concept, I realized it was something very real. Positive thinking worked for me immediately!

And then, I started imagining everything I wanted to experience.

Soon, I was fourteen and manifested my first move to a new country, on a new continent. At the same time or later on, I affirmed having the appearance I wanted, access to the style I wanted (including custom made clothes), upper class travel, first jobs, drama training and casting calls (even an offer to model), my writing published, specific friends, crushes turned into boyfriends, another move abroad, chosen extracurricular activities and having a dog.

And yes, this was only the beginning.


Your desires could entail success, beauty, career goals, money, being with a specific person or absolutely anything else; what you must know and start believing right now is the following:

  • Know that anything is possible for you! The Universe has infinite power and can make anything happen – you just have to choose what you want to manifest and what kind of life you want to be living.
  • From the moment you ask for them, your desires are facts! Be grateful for living your dream and affirm its existence! From the moment you asked for it, it’s been a done deal.
  • Create the conviction of your desires manifesting. You are receiving what you want, and nothing less. Trust the Universe. Know that manifestation is inevitable.
  • Start thinking of yourself as the person living their dreams. Who are you in this scenario? Are you more confident? Are you happy? Indulge in those feelings immediately because this is the new you!
  • Focus on living your desire – not “manifestation techniques!” Be focused on having what you want and being grateful for it, not “what to do to manifest.” Think of your life with your desire in it every day.
  • Practice letting go – this means allowing the Universe to manifest your desire without worrying. Worry comes by looking for results in the current reality so don’t! Avoid any habits in the current reality that go against your manifestation. (Example: If you are thinking about yourself in a relationship with someone, don’t look for their texts or check social media to see if they’re currently seeing someone else. They are your partner so you should feel happy and grateful for your relationship, as if you had it already, instead of seeking out proof of the opposite.) Put all your energy into your ideal reality!
  • In the times you do think about the current reality, be grateful for everything good in it, especially the things related to your desire! Did you and your specific person used to talk or sometimes do? Be grateful for it. Do you have some money but not as much as you want? Be grateful for it and you will believe you can have even more! Do you see how this method serves creating your ideal reality? Be grateful for everything you love having, and ignore everything you dislike.
  • If you are persistent in seeing what you want in your mind or affirming no matter what, your desire will manifest.
  • Your desires are within your reach – no one is more likely to manifest them than you are, and you must remember that. Don’t be insecure about your current place in life or think that it could get in the way of your manifestations. You might think that people with different looks, experiences or connections have a better chance than you – this is a belief you want to abandon. Don’t ever be intimidated by your circumstances, other people or their position in the world.

This is where all my manifestations start.

Let me show you how I do it.

Let’s build something together.

Interested in a collaboration or personal coaching? Fill out the contact form or email me directly!


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