About Me

Nina Grdic

Welcome to The Law of Attraction Lifestyle! My name is Nina and I want to teach you a profound and lasting method to attracting anything you want, now and for the rest of your life. I have been practising Law of Attraction for most of my life – my manifestation method leads to results with the help of positive thinking, profound and unwavering belief in your desire, belief in miracles as a lifestyle and trusting the Universe while living in glowing self-confidence.

my story

I was born in Croatia and lived in the US and Belgium. Moving to these countries was my intentional manifestation. I wanted to live an international lifestyle, visualized it, believed in it and was ready for it to start immediately! I have been living in the US for the second time since 2019, and have manifested smooth travel experiences even during COVID-19 in years 2020 and 2021.

I also consciously manifested every single one of my relationships, friendships, rented apartments and owned homes; my entire work and education history, my pets, my appearance, overall health and my goal weight. And I did it all with expecting the best, self-belief, trust in the Universe and love for my desires, expressed through incredibly happy visualization. I created the life of my dreams in my mind before it happened.

The more love we feel when visualizing living our desire, the greater detail it’ll manifest in. This is why we always have to visualize our dream-come-true scenarios. We deserve them, and we should think about living our dream lives because we deserve nothing less. We were born to live our dreams, not settle for anything less. I always believed that a miracle would happen to give me what I want, which is the exact belief that helps me “let go” and trust in my inevitable manifestation.

Eventually, I wanted to help everyone else see that this was possible. I wanted everyone to learn how to create their dreams.

I have lived both luxury and bohemian chic lifestyles over the years. I used to live for the experiences. I wanted to try every single positive thing I had a chance to, as my desire to explore and be knowledgeable about people and life used to lead me. I was more fascinated by different places in the world and what makes people work than anything else. Getting to know people and life everywhere I could made me feel alive. This would eventually lead me to starting a business of helping people manifest their desires with the same kind of passion.


I noticed how many Law of Attraction sources out there still insist on imposing limits on manifestation, claiming we can attract some things but not everything. This notion goes against the very core of LoA, which says that your current reality is a mirror of your awareness and beliefs. Life will not mirror only some of our beliefs (but not others)! A mirror doesn’t pick and choose – it reflects everything! Therefore, nothing is impossible to attract as long as you can imagine yourself living that life.

Your current reality is a mirror of your current awareness and belief. if you could see yourself living a different kind of life – one containing the activities, career, money and relationships you truly desire to experience every day – your subconscious mind would adopt a belief of this different life being possible. In the subconscious mind is where desires manifest, and you can reach that place by feeling love for them. Love leads to belief. Love leads to miracles. Love transforms minds and lives.


If you believe that your desires are your fate, they will show up in your life. If you believe in their continued absence and believe you can only receive what you don’t want, then that is exactly what you’ll receive. If you visualize living your desires, your current reality will come to mirror this. If you doubt the possibility of a desire manifesting or focus on how much you miss it, the current reality will mirror its absence until you start believing in the possibility of its presence.

Manifestation is not about luck. Luck is for those who are unaware of their own thoughts, hoping they might get what they want without changing their belief. That’s not for us though. You and I are aware of our thoughts and we know that what we want is possible for us.

Because those who choose their positive thoughts manifest their desires.

That’s how I’ve always done it.

My Law of Attraction practice began by learning about positive thinking and the amazing results it renders every single time, especially when combined with unconditional, bold belief. At age twelve, my mother told me to think positive and if I did, my life would be like a song. Nothing was out of reach and nothing is for you either – it’s all about bringing your desires closer to you in your mind.

And life will follow.

explaining MY COACHING method


This is the basis of my Law of Attraction coaching. I will teach you how to confidently believe in your goals even when no on else does or you have no proof. You are the only person who needs to believe in your desires – the course of events will start changing in your favor.

Law of Attraction

Feeling love for yourself and your goals brings them to you! You might wonder how, especially if you have negative feelings about your current circumstances, but leave that part to the Universe!

self-love and Motivation

Self-love keeps us in check with how much we deserve! Treating ourselves like kings and queens so that we could treat others the same, have successful relationships and attract what we deserve is not something we were taught growing up yet it manifests miracles into our lives! This is also the biggest confidence booster – when you’re good to yourself and others, you expect and receive everything from the world!

When I want something, my automatic reaction says I can have it. This is what I want to teach you. Imagine what life can be when you’re living with this kind of conviction…and it all comes down to the habit of deciding and choosing to believe.

Throughout life, I met many people who believed in my ability to reach my goals, and some who asked, “How do you plan on accomplishing that?” The doubters were always in the minority to the believers, simply because I had already been carrying an infectious amount of faith. Many began to believe because I did; the majority of non-believers still verbalized good wishes.

Standing by my decisions gives me all the confidence I need; it allows me to relax into being the person I want to be, living the life I want to live. Before any manifestation can occur, you must feel like that person already, even for just a second, by envisioning what life would be like if you had your desire right now.

When we try to chase our goals in the current reality, we never experience having them in our minds first.

It’s not about being unable to accomplish your goals – it’s about admitting to yourself what you truly want. Your goals are not out of reach. Do you want them?

You should be living a life in which you have it all. You deserve it, and I will help you attract it.