When Manifesting Love Isn’t Your True Priority – Examples from My Teens

I didn't want a serious relationship in high school - I wanted a jet-setting lifestyle. And nothing would stop me.

“Why Can I Manifest Everything Except a Specific Person?”

I've been asked this questions many times - Law of Attraction practitioners want to understand why manifestation success is easy for all but their one greatest desire. Usually, this desire is a relationship with a specific person but it can also be money, a home, a car or a job. Let's start from the beginning. … Continue reading “Why Can I Manifest Everything Except a Specific Person?”

Manifest the love you want

2 Ways to Improve a Frustrating Relationship

How to go from frustrated to compassionate, and manifest a better relationship.

Attract love with the one

Focus on Yourself to Attract a Specific Person!

Knowing what you want means knowing yourself first and using Law of Attraction second.