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Law of Attraction states that we manifest into our lives what we believe is possible for us. So what happens if you want something which your belief and inner voice say is impossible?

What happens when those negative thoughts and inner doubts won’t leave you alone? Many give up on their dreams but you don’t have to.

Available to you on Kindle and in paperback, this is my introduction to an easy manifestation process.

Mastering Confidence and Manifestation: Remove Your Negative Thoughts and Own Your Manifesting Power! was written to show where successful manifestation starts and why, offer the reasons your negative thoughts will never be stronger than your conscious decisions and provide an overall guide to easy manifestation. This book also explains why and how Law of Attraction is a principle or everyday life; it shows why we attract everything and discusses various ways in which you can focus on your own qualities to ensure easy manifestation.

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This book will remind you of the true reasons you deserve to live the life of your dreams and empower you to love and appreciate yourself which is crucial to successful manifestation.

You can simply ask for your desire and learn why you can let it go to manifest. Everything you want to achieve, you can. You already possess the power to manifest the life of your dreams – you simply must believe in yourself! You can manifest all your desires just by believing, being yourself and giving love to yourself.


A simple explanation of the tendency to dive into negative thoughts will allow you to remove them from your life – an explanation of why resistance appears is enough to remove it. Throughout my life, I have achieved much success empowering others and helping them master their confidence by reminding them of their worth as well as the reasons why negative thoughts don’t have to hurt them.

Focusing on success, love and especially self-love is everything you need to achieve success.

Many believe that Law of Attraction means going through the motions until their desire manifests but just by giving love to yourself, you give love to your ability to manifest all your desires.

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You can find the paperback version of the book here:

Thank you in advance for your interest in this book. I look forward to your feedback!



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