When Manifesting Love Isn’t Your True Priority – Examples from My Teens

I didn’t want a serious relationship in high school – I wanted a jet-setting lifestyle. And nothing would stop me.

Case Study of a Friend – How to Use Law of Attraction to Manifest Pregnancy

How a friend of mine manifested pregnancy in a week after a year of worrying and searching for results every day. Law of Attraction worked seamlessly the minute she changed her energy.

A Limited Time Offer on Coaching Sessions!

From right now until November 15, I’m making a special offer! I want to give back and give out some free sessions which will allow you to see the value of practicing manifestation and positive thinking.

Do You Have Trust Issues? With LoA, You Don’t Have To.

By looking at the past, we feel that we are protecting ourselves. Our true goal is to live in the moment, having completely put the past behind us and expecting only what we desire in the present and nothing less.