When We See Those Who Manifested What We Want

See what you want as yours already from the moment you decide that you want it!

Avoid Negative Self-Talk and Find Self-Love!

Are you preventing self-love with negative self-talk?

Manifest the love you want

2 Ways to Improve a Frustrating Relationship

How to go from frustrated to compassionate, and manifest a better relationship.

Steps for Manifesting Any Desire

Apply these steps to the manifestation of your desires, paying special attention to step 4. This is an overview of what can and cannot happen if you want to manifest your desire. 1. Think as if it were yours already. Affirm, visualize and live a happy life even while being away from it (in your … Continue reading Steps for Manifesting Any Desire

How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

Many have been there - a relationship they desire to revive, improve or make happen while wrestling an interfering past or present with their (intended) partner is having trouble manifesting. The Law of Attraction believer in this pair knows that the Universe responds to us (this is LoA in a nutshell) so they try to … Continue reading How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

Law of Attraction and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies of Break-Ups

At a girls' get-together years ago, another guest told me she suspected that an ex had jinxed her upon break-up. He'd said to her, "No one will ever love you like I do." She said to me, "When someone tells you that, they unfortunately end up being right. It's so true. No one did." As … Continue reading Law of Attraction and Self-Fulfilling Prophecies of Break-Ups

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Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

I continuously encounter individuals who believe a great relationship is something they are entitled to. A great relationship is something everyone deserves, just like any other blessing in life. Everyone deserves to experience happiness but those that receive it have in fact earned it with their positive mindsets, respect for others and gratitude for their … Continue reading Have You Earned a Great Relationship?

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Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation

For days, I’ve been thinking about the single most important part of effortless manifestation. Most of us wanted to know the answer to successfully avoiding negative thoughts and stopping ourselves from engaging in doubt yet we didn’t find it until we started to feel unconditionally good about ourselves. They don’t tell us that love is … Continue reading Self-Love Equals Smooth Manifestation