When We See Those Who Manifested What We Want

See what you want as yours already from the moment you decide that you want it!

Manifest the love you want

2 Ways to Improve a Frustrating Relationship

How to go from frustrated to compassionate, and manifest a better relationship.

Manifesting love obstacles

Why It Can Be Difficult to Manifest a Relationship With Someone Special

Manifesting a relationship with someone special requires loving thoughts about the relationship, visualizing the two of you together and enjoying your belief and trust in the Universe. Do most people follow these principles? Usually not. Most people see themselves in a relationship with someone only after that person has expressed interest in them. When you … Continue reading Why It Can Be Difficult to Manifest a Relationship With Someone Special

How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

Many have been there - a relationship they desire to revive, improve or make happen while wrestling an interfering past or present with their (intended) partner is having trouble manifesting. The Law of Attraction believer in this pair knows that the Universe responds to us (this is LoA in a nutshell) so they try to … Continue reading How to Regain Positivity When It’s Complicated

The Reasons for Focusing on a Specific Person

How did you choose the specific person you want(ed) to be in a relationship with? Some just follow their feelings and don't think about the reasons why. They know that they have found someone special and they make sure this person stays in their life. Others like to know what specifically they liked about the person they … Continue reading The Reasons for Focusing on a Specific Person

Do You Cling to Specific Behaviors?

When it comes to men and women especially, a difference in behaviors, reasons for those behaviors, habits and approach methods can cause a riff between the two sides, resulting in arguments and resentment. One side feels that the other should act a certain way if they care while the other feels that they did nothing … Continue reading Do You Cling to Specific Behaviors?

Are You Ready?

I find it necessary to explain in further detail  the process of one's feelings when manifesting a relationship. Yes, we all know to ask and allow ourselves to receive but what about those unable to let go without understanding why? Those who feel uncomfortable without understanding why? Just because I tell you it can all be overcome … Continue reading Are You Ready?


Today, I want to solve a specific issue several of my beloved readers stated in their blog comments. Since Christmas or in some cases, January 1st, several of you have commented that you wished your soon-to-be significant others (because I believe in all of you) happy holidays to no reply. Or, some of you wished to receive … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY