Start Every Day With an Affirmation!

Use affirmations daily

Whether it’s a gratitude affirmation (“Thank you for my amazing life/job/beauty/relationship!”) or an affirmation of having what you want (“I am in an amazing relationship with my person!”), an affirmation starting your day will lead to its greatness.

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Bold Move on a Saturday Night – My Law of Attraction Journal

Law of Attraction in action

Law of Attraction is a functioning law of the Universe. We must harness the energy of having what we want in our lives with conviction, gratitude, visualization, trust and self-confidence in order to manifest it in our lives. We must think and visualize from the point of having it already, imagine it as ours. Because how could we attract what we can’t even imagine?

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Manifesting with age

Law of Attraction can be intentionally used to manifest thoughts of our desires into our physical realities, to turn visualizations into actual experiences. This process happens by building our own belief to the point of a strong conviction, choosing to think about having what we want and trusting the Universe to manifest it without interference via consciously engaging in doubts or negative thoughts. We have to stop wondering about the process yet trust the result. However, this is the exact part that becomes harder as we get older, face more disappointments and judgement from the world.


I Wanted to See a Friend and Manifested an Invite in Four Hours

Manifest a text from someone

Hi everyone! Thank you for visiting and reading this post. I wanted to share this story with you, since I’ve been working on letting go to manifest as quickly as possible. The quicker we let go, the faster we attract what we want, and I’ve managed to manifest in four hours simply by using several great Law of Attraction tips.

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