Session Deals Are Back!

Hi everyone! I'm in a celebratory mood and would like to share the good vibes. So, I am happy to tell you that the 4-for-3 session package is back! This package is available for purchase until Sunday the 17th - end of this week - and there is no time limit to using the sessions, … Continue reading Session Deals Are Back!

Avoid Negative Self-Talk and Find Self-Love!

Are you preventing self-love with negative self-talk?

Ask Me A Question, Answered!

Hope you're having a great Sunday, everyone! It's time to start our question-answering portion of the blog, and here's an interesting inquiry to start with. Hello!I'm writing this letter in order to get some advice from you. I'm relatively new in this Law of Attraction thing, and I would like to share with you my … Continue reading Ask Me A Question, Answered!

When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!

What happens when you think your manifestation might arrive at a specific moment yet it doesn't? You might have gotten signs or feedback that lead you to believe it was happening only to discover that it wasn't what you hoped for, at least not just yet.  We have all been there and if you look … Continue reading When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!