When We See Those Who Manifested What We Want

See what you want as yours already from the moment you decide that you want it!

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Rely on Yourself and Focus on the Positive

My entire manifestation method is based on relying on my visualization, if you will. I think about what I want because it makes me happy while I make the effort to fix the parts that don't. When you focus on your desired reality, there will be very few parts you don't like, if any. When … Continue reading Rely on Yourself and Focus on the Positive


If you offend someone and feel guilty about it, you will make things worse. How can we use Law of Attraction to stay clear-headed and make things right?

How Happy is Your Social Life?

Does your social life make you happy and help your manifestations? A social life is an important part of happiness. Our friends are the people we love to share a great deal of life with - they support us, comfort us when we need it and challenge us when necessary. They love us and we … Continue reading How Happy is Your Social Life?

From Fear to Freedom

Reacting to one's negative thoughts indicates one's lack of focus on their desired manifestation. This means there is resistance present around the said manifestation. Deciding that your desire belongs to you already is a choice. This choice means a change is going to be made in your life when your desire manifests. You will have a new … Continue reading From Fear to Freedom


We are all connected. If we weren’t, we wouldn’t even react to each other’s thoughts or behaviors. You wouldn’t be capable of being delighted or upset by someone you’ve never met (such as famous do-gooders or criminals in public trials). You would never sense that a friend needs you. You can feel a heightened connection … Continue reading THOUGHT OF THE DAY

Love Your Manifestation!

When you love the manifestation period preceding your desire, you receive it fast; you're probably aware of this already. Let me explain. Every single time you manifested something without the need to rush it, it came to you fast. Sometimes, this desire appeared in your life instantly. This can happen with desires one perceives as "small" or "likely … Continue reading Love Your Manifestation!

Take the Responsibility and Raise Your Vibration!

When evaluating our negative thoughts, their origins and current form, we may be tempted to blame our pasts, parents, exes or misfortunes for all our limiting beliefs. The truth is, everything one allows into one’s belief system creates their reality. One’s past, parents, exes or misfortunes were merely the vehicles offering specific beliefs which are … Continue reading Take the Responsibility and Raise Your Vibration!


Feeling that you have it already, with visualization or state of the wish fulfilled, makes you happy, light and fulfilled. Thinking you don't have it yet, unsure of when you might, is unhappy, empty and frightening. The only difference between the two is your own decision.