You know what seems boring? Those steps we have to take right now in order to manifest our goals. The steps practically offered to us; the ones we know will bring us to the ultimate goal but aren’t at all exciting at the moment. The first day of the spring semester. The first pound lost.Continue reading “HOW TO FOCUS ON THE GOAL WHEN YOU’RE JUST STARTING”


In no particular order, these are the things I appreciate in my life right now. I will think beyond my husband and our pets, whom I love and appreciate beyond words. I will focus on life factors of cause and effect to show how we can all grow them. See what I’m trying to doContinue reading “5 THINGS I AM GRATEFUL FOR RIGHT NOW”


Hello, my amazing LoA masters! I’m so excited to be celebrating New Year’s tomorrow! As I anticipate the upcoming 2022, I’m enjoying the last days of 2021 and feeling gratitude for everything it brought me. Looking at December 2021 alone, I had an amazing time. My husband and I took a trip to Aruba, IContinue reading “HAPPY (ALMOST) 2022!”

When You “Fail” to Manifest – A Guide to Starting Over!

What happens when you think your manifestation might arrive at a specific moment yet it doesn’t? You might have gotten signs or feedback that lead you to believe it was happening only to discover that it wasn’t what you hoped for, at least not just yet. 

Keeping Focus on Your Ultimate Goal

Since I mentioned this in my last few blog comments, I will elaborate on it now. Some find themselves to be capable of keeping a limited amount of focus on their end goal while overthinking its potential development or painful past experiences in the meantime. Several times, I’ve manifested using the following set of personally devised steps. Capture the feelingContinue reading “Keeping Focus on Your Ultimate Goal”

Where’s Your Confidence?

Feeling confident, happy and knowing you are worthy of living your desires – do you struggle with any of those things? Feeling grateful and deserving work together without effort when applied with confidence as well as happiness. Knowing you are going to manifest your desire, deeply determined and believing profoundly, is enough to allow you detachment from your desire whichContinue reading “Where’s Your Confidence?”

If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

This is one of the most important posts I have ever written. I often stress the importance of directing feelings of love and appreciation towards oneself regardless of one’s current life circumstances, physical appearance, social or financial status. Some may think they need specific external validation in order to achieve their desired self-confidence, a notion entirelyContinue reading “If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!”

Your Reactions = Your Awareness

Your reactions to appearances and external stimuli effortlessly show where your awareness is and with that, where you feel your current place in life to be. Sometimes, it isn’t that we attract entirely different events or see the signs we want from the start; often, it is all about which ones we relate to and reactContinue reading “Your Reactions = Your Awareness”