When We See Those Who Manifested What We Want

See what you want as yours already from the moment you decide that you want it!

Session Deals Are Back!

Hi everyone! I'm in a celebratory mood and would like to share the good vibes. So, I am happy to tell you that the 4-for-3 session package is back! This package is available for purchase until Sunday the 17th - end of this week - and there is no time limit to using the sessions, … Continue reading Session Deals Are Back!

Manifest the love you want

2 Ways to Improve a Frustrating Relationship

How to go from frustrated to compassionate, and manifest a better relationship.

What Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is an essential part of a smooth manifestation process; as the part that ensures blind faith, which then ensures rapid manifestation, positive thinking is easier when we make self-confidence a priority. Do you want to learn more about Law of Attraction but are wondering how to break it down? It comes down to … Continue reading What Is Positive Thinking?

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Why It Can Be Difficult to Manifest a Relationship With Someone Special

Manifesting a relationship with someone special requires loving thoughts about the relationship, visualizing the two of you together and enjoying your belief and trust in the Universe. Do most people follow these principles? Usually not. Most people see themselves in a relationship with someone only after that person has expressed interest in them. When you … Continue reading Why It Can Be Difficult to Manifest a Relationship With Someone Special

I Wanted to See a Friend and Manifested an Invite in Four Hours

Even if all signs point to the opposite, you must have faith in the inevitability your desire.

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Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly

Imagine this scenario. You are attracting a relationship. You have positive expectations for a few days. Then, something happens - contact, a date or a conversation - and it's not as much as you would like to receive. It's not a proclamation of love. It could be an expression of personal frustration by your partner. … Continue reading Without Self-Confidence, We Cannot See Our Partner Clearly

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The Spiritual Roadblocks to Manifesting Your Desire – Are You a Good Person?

It's all in the way we are used to seeing ourselves.