I manifest my appearance, consciously and actively, every single day. This intentional creation of my looks not only boosts my vibration but also helps me live according to my high standards and expectations. In other words, I make a point of manifesting my appearance because I don't want a lack of this manifestation to hold … Continue reading HOW TO MANIFEST THE FACE YOU WANT


Happy 2022, everyone!!! Here it is, and here we go! I've been thinking about my personal Law of Attraction practice and the permanent improvements I want to bring into it starting this year. My new and improved methods are also yours to use and hopefully be inspired by! I will ignore all resistance and negativity … Continue reading MY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS FOR PRACTICING THE ART OF MANIFESTATION

Session Deals Are Back!

Hi everyone! I'm in a celebratory mood and would like to share the good vibes. So, I am happy to tell you that the 4-for-3 session package is back! This package is available for purchase until Sunday the 17th - end of this week - and there is no time limit to using the sessions, … Continue reading Session Deals Are Back!

Avoid Negative Self-Talk and Find Self-Love!

Are you preventing self-love with negative self-talk?

When Manifesting Love Isn’t Your True Priority – Examples from My Teens

I didn't want a serious relationship in high school - I wanted a jet-setting lifestyle. And nothing would stop me.

What Is Positive Thinking?

Positive thinking is an essential part of a smooth manifestation process; as the part that ensures blind faith, which then ensures rapid manifestation, positive thinking is easier when we make self-confidence a priority. Do you want to learn more about Law of Attraction but are wondering how to break it down? It comes down to … Continue reading What Is Positive Thinking?