How to Attract a Happy Lifestyle

It’s difficult to create a lifestyle if you don’t know what kind you want. And if you want a happy relationship, happiness should be your goal as well as lifestyle already.

Choosing happiness every day of our lives simply by choosing people and activities that perpetuate it as well as visualizations and the conviction of your dreams becoming real is mandatory if we want to remain in a good mood. Being in a good mood makes us feel fulfilled, and that is what makes us confident in having even more soon, especially our desires coming true. That is how happiness works.

It can be hard to stay positive about a relationship at times. Relationships bring out our deepest vulnerabilities but that is exactly why they are beautiful. Being touched by love and another person’s heart opens your own. It opens the real you up to living your happiest life.

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Good morning!

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We all love different things. Manifesting with law of attraction can make some feel guilty if one of the things they want, need or even love is…money! However, once we connect that money to our personal values, thinking about having it becomes easier.

It’s important to connect our desires to our personal values. This makes them feel real.

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let me tell you what i think…

I believe money can be easier to like than some materialistic items. I personally think about how those items came to be and I make sure the ones I choose to manifest are aligned my values.

For example, I like fashion and beauty products. I also like animals. To me, money would is easier to like than couture and make-up which harm animals. So, I have to connect fashion and money with my own values.

I love cruelty-free and sustainably made fashion; I love manifesting both money and an abundance of the most beautiful clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products that don’t harm animals and even relieve the environment of polluting materials by re-purposing them. I also love luxury so naturally, I love money. These are my personal values.

On the other hand, my personal values are not against an abundance of expensive fashion, prioritizing beauty or spending money on luxury services. They aren’t against prioritizing comfort and spending money on it. They aren’t against receiving more and more money every year.

Some people think I either want or need too much in life – I don’t care. They’re allowed to want and/or need whatever they do as well. I don’t think about what they want. I don’t think about them at all.

Do you ever notice that only those who are dissatisfied with their lives focus on the lives of others instead of their own? Their focus on what I want is preventing them from manifesting their lives.

My values matter in my life, not theirs.

Now, let’s translate manifesting money to your values!

“i want to easily make payments on my house and my credit cards, provide for my children’s necessities and take them on vacation, but i don’t need many luxuries.”

Does this sound like you? If so, this is what I recommend.

Don’t feel guilty about manifesting more money because it is your job to provide the best you can for your children, and the best can translate to putting more in the bank to save long-term or in case of ever needing to use it. When you have children, and even when you don’t, this is just good sense. What do you think? I think this could easily be your money mindset! You can put it in the bank for retirement/college funds/an investment property/business start-up costs/a rainy day, and intending to do this will connect manifesting money with a positive goal for you.

You also deserve to be able to relax as the money comes in, knowing you have some in your savings. You’re manifesting more to save more. Of course, you could always choose to spend more but that doesn’t mean you have to upgrade your entire lifestyle; spending more could just translate into having that vacation fund in your savings without needing to save for it again, making your daily expenses stress-free. You deserve this.

“i LOVE money and want expensive items in every single area of my life!”

If this is you, you’re going to have to be unapologetic about it. People will talk but you can’t pay attention. Many will show and tell you that you shouldn’t want this but you’ll have to be very strong and focus on yourself and your desires. Money creates confusion in many people and you’ll need to have a very comfortable relationship with the idea of belonging to the 1%, regardless of anyone’s opinion.

I guest you give – donate money, used items or your time, and do so generously! The more we give, the more we feel comfortable receiving profound abundance! The more you give, the more you can see yourself receiving.

Never judge those who want or need less, or even those who call you greedy – as long as money doesn’t come in above everything else in your life and you are not making it at the expense of others (such as paying workers below living wage just to pocket more), you are not greedy. Spending more on yourself than many people feel you should doesn’t automatically make you greedy. Ignore this because guilt will slow you down and prevent you from seeing yourself having everything you want.

“i have a lot of debt – i want to pay it off but i keep focusing on it instead of having money, and can’t manifest money.”

I know this is tricky – it’s like trying to manifest a relationship while focusing on being alone.

Here’s the biggest problem – this amount of debt has undoubtedly made you feel undeserving of abundance and happiness. You probably feel some version of embarrassment but you shouldn’t. Or at least you feel confused as to how you’re supposed to pay it all off on your salary.

You’re going to have to take this directly to the universe. Talk directly to the universe and give thanks for everything being paid off while you still have extra. Imagine what it’s like to have zero debt and extra in the bank – imagine like a child! Start here.


Good afternoon, everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, and happy belated Easter to all those celebrating!

Even if you aren’t having a wonderful day yet, reading this is an opportunity to change that; for this reason, I’ve decided to talk about boosting your manifesting power (and the power of law of attraction to start working for you) by disconnecting from negative thoughts and the current reality – especially if you’ve been distracted by its events lately and tried to reset your mind because you want instant results!

Notice how I stated this? Can you hear it in the voice of a cranky toddler?

“I want this now!”

And if you don’t get it now, everything is wrong and a tantrum ensues.

Inadvertently, our reaction can be similar if we fall into the trap of wanting instant results in the current reality, nurturing focus on the present instead of the ideal. In order to manifest, we can’t give into such a reaction – just like it doesn’t pay off for a toddler, it won’t pay off for us.

isn’t wanting instant results the same as expecting them?

No. Not at all.

Wanting instant results is the complete opposite of expecting instant results. Expectations comes from confidence in the inevitability of one’s desire; wanting to see it now comes from impatience and the insecurity of ever seeing it.

The problem with wanting instant manifesting results is that our thoughts aren’t always positive enough to attract them. Ultimately, wanting instant results comes down to trying to wrangle the current reality instead of focusing on the ideal, and it’s based in uncertainty instead of expectation.

The problem with wanting instant manifesting results is that our thoughts aren’t always positive enough to attract them.


Then, what is expectation? Expectation is the knowing that your desire is inevitable so, naturally, you expect to receive it. What else could possibly happen since it’s inevitable? The only thing that can happen!

You don’t expect to receive the opposite of what you want if your belief is strong! Strong belief leads to strong expectation and the assumption of having our desire. On the other hand, wanting instant results (and looking for them!) means you feel like you don’t have your desire. You’re focusing on what you don’t want!

It’s very important to know this distinction and possess introspection about your true belief. The difference between wanting and expecting instant results depends on receiving them. Those who possess the belief in their desire manifesting don’t look for the results – they already know their desire is a done deal! And if you know, why look, right? On the other hand, those who live in the constant wanting to see instant results are deeply aware of an uncertainty in their desires. They aren’t sure of receiving them and they need to repair their focus and belief for things to start changing.

why aren’t my thoughts positive enough to attract instant results?

Wanting to see results now comes from a fundamental belief that you haven’t seen them yet.

What does that mean?

It means that you are focusing on having not seen them yet instead of visualizing living them!

Your visualizations, affirmations and/or overall belief must be stronger than your thoughts about the current reality; you have to be happier about living your desire than you’re frustrated about the current reality. Even if you can’t fully ignore your current reality just yet, your happy thoughts and feelings when thinking about having your desire in your ideal reality must be stronger than your feelings whenever you notice the absence of your desire in the physical world.

Your visualizations, affirmations and/or overall belief must be stronger than your thoughts about the current reality; you have to be happier about living your desire than you’re frustrated about the current reality.


will it take long for me to see results of my desire manifesting?

In short – the more clear your focus on the ideal is and the stronger your positive thoughts feel, the shorter it will take.

Law of Attraction bible, The Secret, tells us that the more we live in love, the faster our life will transform. Positive thoughts and feelings are rooted in love! We can think and feel them for everything we appreciate in the current reality and every desire we have as we visualize living it!

The more we focus on and feel love and gratitude, the faster our desires will align with reality. That’s why people write gratitude list – to boost love and positive thoughts.

Another great way of feeling love is loving ourselves! This is my signature advice. Loving ourselves makes us believe we deserve our desires, which in turn makes it easier to believe in their inevitability. Imagine how good it must feel to love yourself and live life actually being happy and comfortable with yourself! While everything else just comes together for you? I don’t know anyone who would say no to that!

The belief in the inevitability of our desires comes from being able to see ourselves living them! And feelings of love help create that clarity. They allow our minds to focus on everything that makes us happy! When we feel love, our minds and hearts open up to whatever we feel that love for. Feelings are incredibly powerful.

The belief in the inevitability of our desires comes from being able to see ourselves living them! And feelings of love help create that clarity. They allow our minds to focus on everything that makes us happy! When we feel love, our minds and hearts open up to whatever we feel that love for. Feelings are incredibly powerful.


Neville Goddard said the same – the more clearly we can see ourselves living our desires, the faster they will manifest. We can amplify that clarity with feelings, thoughts, visualizations or all of the above. It’s all about allowing our awareness to absorb the focus on our ideal scenarios, and manifest them in the current reality.

Clarity of visualization, love, positive emotion and affirmations will inevitably lead you to belief and manifestation.

This is how you stop wanting instant results and start experiencing them!

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Hi everyone, and happy Valentine’s Day to each and every one of you! I’m sending you all a hug and a kiss! And I know you’re constantly manifesting the life you want, every single day. We are in the flow, and the law of attraction is working for us all the time – this is a great affirmation/mindset we should keep on hand every day!

You might be a reader (or a client) who’s in a relationship. You might be one whose relationship manifestation hasn’t yet completed in the current reality. You might be celebrating yourself today without consciously trying to attract a relationship. Whatever your situation is, I want you to affirm that relationships are easy for you, and you could be in one or single because you can have whatever you want!

However, neither single nor attached life will be a happy one without a strong foundation of self-love. You might think this is cliché but they exist for a reason.

Let’s make this particular cliché a little more fun.

In my opinion, every time we want to “figure out” how to manifest a desire, it comes from being uncertain about who we are. If we know ourselves, we are comfortable with being alone or in a relationship, and it’s easy to face our negative feelings as well as know the reasons for them. If we don’t love ourselves, we tend to scramble with self-criticism at a delayed manifestation of our desires which inevitably invokes doubt in the law of attraction and our deservingness.

Heavy, right? Well, here comes the fun part.

When we love ourselves, we realize that we don’t need another person to love us. Not everyone loves us but we simply don’t care about that because we respect most people for who they are. They can love us or not and believe me, if you don’t believe your person loves you yet, you can simply start building the belief in their love by engaging with your ideal reality instead of the current. If you love yourself but your ideal partner hasn’t noticed you yet, you won’t mind because you’ll know that universe is changing this. If you are currently manifesting a relationship, you should keep this in mind.

If you’re in a relationship, self-love can flourish with the good times and wane with disagreements. Don’t let it happen. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, not even your partner. Your partner might not understand something today but if you have faith, the understanding will come. Laugh at silly mistakes and don’t engage in their escalation. Your steady positive energy will influence your partner.

If you are single, you should utilize the blessing of having the space and privacy to peacefully cultivate your self-love. You have the luxury of protecting your energy easily, with a much smaller chance of an argument with someone derailing your focus. Use this! You are your own voice of confidence, and you should happily affirm the best about yourself.

If you are currently manifesting a relationship, keep moving forward. Don’t ever lose faith because there isn’t any reason to – remember that, and your manifestation process will suddenly become much easier! If you are single by choice, remember that you can remain single or start a relationship if you want, because life is supposed to be tailored to you and not the other way around. If you’re in a relationship, remember that you still have to love yourself first for that relationship to remain successful.

Life is yours for loving and taking.


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Have a great day!


When using law of attraction for intentional manifestation, you already know I’m all about deciding and believing. I decide that something is mine, and I stick to it…and sticking to it means choosing belief even during moments of resistance.

Let’s start here.

resistance happens (for the most part) when you begin to change yourself

Resistance reminds us of the current reality. Resistance doesn’t serve our desired mindsets. Yet we have to approach it with kindness.

In my life, I try to be in the flow. I affirm who I am – we manifest who we are, after all, this is the meaning of awareness – and allow myself to feel it based on my decisions of what is mine. If something is off about the current reality, I refuse to allow it to change my ideal awareness of what is mine. When I stick to my ideal awareness, the life I already know is mine starts to manifest in the physical form.

The kinder I am with myself about simply feeling resistance because it’s a part of manifesting, the faster it leaves. Just like failure is a part of success, resistance is a part of manifestation.

patience is easy when you embrace your new self

When translated to real time, knowing that what I want is mine means knowing it’s going to manifest 100%. This is a separate issue from being okay in the current reality until the manifestation, and appreciating what you have so I can patiently allow for my desire to manifest. (The more patient I am, the faster it will happen, remember?)

So what do I do to allow for patience?

I visualize! I picture the life of living my desire. I affirm how amazing it all is.


I welcome and embrace my new life. I am ready to leave behind the old to manifest the new. Whatever absolutely has to change for my desire to manifest (wanting to live somewhere else means leaving where I am now, for example), I am ready for. We can and should live with our decisions related to our desires.

all these elements put me in the flow of manifesting even more magically than i thought possible!

A positive attitude towards my manifestation is a must. I know what I want, and I allow Universe to make it happen in the best, fastest and the most magical way. I stay away from guilt and self-criticism. I am 100% accountable and always know that my goals matter but day-to-day details lead to them.

Resistance can lead to guilt and self-criticism. These are negative reactions. Kindness towards my own resistance, when it happens, prevents those negative reactions.

You know what also happens if those negative reactions are given any power?

They can make me doubt that what I want is mine.

And not even a moment of doubt is acceptable. Because it gets in the way of happiness.

How happy would you be if you simply knew you were getting what you want?


I’ve always believed that law of attraction works easiest when we believe in our desires unapologetically – if we don’t, our thoughts can be fraught with guilt and doubt. Believing fully also allows us to let the Universe work its magic.

In my previous post, I shared my intention of happily living in an amazing city while also traveling both professionally and personally, and expanding my career. (I have also been consistently expanding my money mindset – a story for another post.)

I’m not making any apologies for my desires because when I don’t, I have that feeling inside me of just knowing it’s all happening. I don’t even care about limited ideas of the world about what is and isn’t possible.


Achieving the faith in my desires is always my own responsibility. Let me tell you why this faith is worth the effort. Sometimes, achieving it is filled with difficult moments but always worth the effort!

it’s easier to let go to manifest, to let the Universe take the wheel.

When my faith in the ideal is strong, I trust the Universe with the process. I can’t emphasize enough how much I continue to be convinced that strong belief in a desire solves everything by adding trust and allowing the Universe to work.

Do you think our desires are worth believing in unapologetically?

it’s easier to believe in yourself and know you can attract miracles!

Can you imagine the most unlikely desire you have manifesting before the world while you leave everyone around you awestruck with all the amazing things happening to you?

When you believe in your desire unapologetically, it’s easier to believe this is possible.

Do you tend to believe with confidence or with fear? Let’s discuss!


This post has been updated.

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re in 2023!

I’m seeing this year with new eyes. I’m focusing on the things I love with new excitement and I’m no longer afraid of boredom!

Can you believe it?

2022 was a year of a few new desires, releasing blocks, leaning into the lifestyle I always wanted to return to after test driving the varieties of the world, and fine-tuning my positive thinking (which isn’t to say I am any less positive!), sprinkled with pleasant surprises, several firsts and feeling completely ageless.

A year ago, I wrote about manifesting in 2022 without letting the current reality stop you (read the post here)! I believe that setting this intention improved my focus on the ideal realities I’ve constructed. I find myself feeling happiness, anticipation and excitement whether a desire takes two hours or months to manifest. I move myself from thinking about the timeline because I know that it stops me from manifesting.

Point being – the lightness of energy boosts belief in the manifestation of any desire, and I have learned that lesson all over again in 2022.

I’d told myself I had no choice but to be completely trusting of the Universe.

I feel like today is a new day. I believe it because of everything I learned last year – let me revisit!

my favorite spiritual achievement of 2022 was…

Finally achieving balance.

I used to focus so much on excitement; manifesting every moment was veiled in it. It made all the times I needed peace and calm seem boring.

I now embrace the moments in which I need calmness, no matter how rare they can be. I’ve accepted the fact that calm moments don’t change who I am – they’re for recharging.

who i choose to be today is most important for manifesting any desire!

We must choose who we are every day. We want to affirm our awareness and our happiness to manifest our lives every day.

I’m turning thirty-eight in four days and I haven’t stopped wanting to experience every way of life until recently. I’m not talking about learning new things – that will never end – but wanting to experience living everywhere and wanting to experience several jobs, careers and many different lifestyles. I wanted to know the world.

Now, I’m ready to commit to a permanent home in the most incredible city without thinking that I haven’t lived everywhere else first. I can continue to experience the world, professionally and personally, while living in a place I love! I can stop worrying about getting bored and moving on to the next.

Can you imagine the manifestations I’m going to tell you about this year? I already can’t wait!

I can’t wait to hear how much these manifestations will contribute to your manifestations! Can you imagine how much we’ll have to talk about soon?


You know what seems boring?

Those steps we have to take right now in order to manifest our goals. The steps practically offered to us; the ones we know will bring us to the ultimate goal but aren’t at all exciting at the moment.

The first day of the spring semester. The first pound lost. Gratitude for the money we have in order to manifest more. The first sentence of the term paper. The starter job. The starter credit card.

Anything we can or need to do to lead ourselves towards the ultimate manifestation. Start with thought and start with what you have now, right?

Does it sound exhausting to generate gratitude for every single thing?

It might sound that way at first. But there’s an opportunity in it.

practice daily gratitude, one step at a time – practice makes perfect!

In addition to gratitude for the current reality, we can also be grateful for our ideal reality. This can be even more fun! We should look forward to living our dreams and never question their certainty.

This security in attracting our dreams will take away boredom from those initial steps. Starter jobs will improve visualizations of dream jobs, or they’ll simply stop feeling boring.

Your perspective will change.

When the current reality feels boring, we should amp it up with visualization. We should think about having those exciting things we want to have, and thank the Universe as if we had received them already! This daily practice will brighten up our days and increase the awareness of having what we want!

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