All of us experience negative thoughts, sadness or even occasional anxiety. Some experience daily anxiety which is a permanent part of their lives. Law of Attraction works for us and can work for our desired manifestations regardless of how we experience these feelings. What we do need is to choose trust in the Universe to manifest our desires, regardless of any moment of sadness, anxiety or negativity we might experience.

When I say “Trust the Universe, even when you doubt,” it is to increase your happiness level and feel better! If you deeply believe your desire is manifesting 100%, you will manifest even if there are days of sadness, anxiety or negativity along the way.

There is a major difference between superficial belief on the days when the current reality seems to support your potential manifestations and deep, profound belief you are living in, knowing that the Universe is manifesting your desires every moment, no matter what. The profound belief is based on your trust in the Universe.

are you sad, anxious or feeling negative because you’re missing profound belief in your manifestations?

This could be a true clue to your state of mind, especially if you can’t figure out why you’re upset.

You might be temporarily sad, anxious or negative because you’re doubting the possibility of your desire manifesting.

You need that profound belief!

And you can choose it.

can i manifest my desires if i suffer from diagnosed anxiety?

I’ve been asked this often.

You might suffer from anxiety and if you do, please know that it won’t set back your manifestation on its own, and doesn’t have to set back your belief.

You just have to create that belief as another, unrelated part of yourself. You can choose to believe your desire is yours, and deal with your anxiety day by day. In this case, you aren’t feeling anxiety because of your desire but because you’re dealing with this condition every day; allow the knowing that your anxiety isn’t connected to your desire to be a relief.

You have accomplished so much in life regardless of your anxiety and next, you’re going to manifest your desires the same way!

Even though you’re dealing with your anxiety every day, you still know that you’re alive, breathing and existing in the world. You still know that your job/school and apartment are yours – you are aware of having those things. Your anxiety isn’t a cause or effect of you having a job and apartment – it isn’t related to those things. You deal with daily anxiety and you have a place to live. Those are two separate things in your life.

Living your desire is another separate circumstance in your life, along with other things you have (listed above). You can become aware that your desires are a done deal and you have them, whether you ever cure your anxiety or not.

Think of your desires the way you think of living your life – they’re yours! Everything you already have in your life is yours, and you are just adding living your desires to the list of the things you have in life.


In no particular order, these are the things I appreciate in my life right now.

I will think beyond my husband and our pets, whom I love and appreciate beyond words. I will focus on life factors of cause and effect to show how we can all grow them.

  1. Everything the money I have right now can buy today. This way of thinking will grow the money we have and how much good for both ourselves and the world we can do with it! Gratitude means nurturing what we have, and when we nurture what we have, it grows!
  2. Every moment in the day I spend doing something I love! Because, guess what? When we are thankful for doing what we love, we get to do more of it! Also, when I am in the moment of doing something I love, that moment is enough. It makes me happy where I am and with what I have.
  3. Every time I laugh. I want even more laughter in my life so I will appreciate as much as I already have! I want to feel that I already have all the laughter I want in life!
  4. Everything I love about my job, especially the parts that give me the lifestyle I want. Those parts that make me feel like I am living the life I want! Do you want a more glamorous job? Be grateful for the glamorous parts of your current one! Do you want a more comfortable job that brings you even more money? Be grateful for the comfort you already have, and the money you make today. You will grow your desires from this mindset.
  5. Every time I eat my favorite foods. This is something I’ve always been picky about. I never liked all food and have always aimed for my life to be filled with select, high quality foods I do enjoy and love. I want what I love all the time, no matter how extravagant. And I deserve it. So I am grateful for every meal I have right now that is filled with such foods.

See what I’m trying to do here?


I noticed that I attached a certain meaning to expressing gratitude. As soon as I begin to thank the Universe for anything (“Thank you that I have XYZ bank account(s) balance!”), I activated an inner switch and just start living in the assumption that it’s mine already. I know that it’s mine!

That simple statement is something I’ve trained myself to use so as soon as I say it, I automatically believe there’s no going back and those desires are manifesting unstoppably as a result of a positive, intentional statement which I could never say accidentally.

You can only make a statement like this intentionally, and you should believe you are setting in motion the most amazing manifestation of your life.

Life will always treat us well if we allow ourselves to think it can. When we affirm that it does, we put that order in the Universe and receive its delivery. Life will begin and continue to treat us well. This is Law of Attraction.

other benefits of gratitude

I want to be grateful for what everything I have every day; I never want to think I don’t have enough. If I thought I didn’t have enough, it would be easier to focus on the scarcity instead of abundance.

We don’t want that.

Focusing on gratitude every day makes me happy, and this boosts all of my manifestations! Gratitude increases our daily and overall happiness, raising us to higher vibrations.

The benefits are multi-layered and truly endless.


How do you manifest a relationship with someone specific if you can’t shake the feeling they are too good for you? If you have butterflies strong enough to scare you away from conversation with them?

You do it by amping up your self-love! And, by listing all the reasons they have to fall in love with you. By listing all the reasons why you are an amazing romantic partner, and by listing all the ways you make all your loved ones (such as friends and family) happy; they see all your qualities, so follow their example in recognizing them yourself!

why do we even think less of ourselves?

Do you put effort into being your best self every day – not for anyone else but just for you?

Let me explain.

Do you think about who you want to be? Not to manifest a relationship with someone specific but for yourself? Do you care to be your best self, to create a life you would love weather or not you had a partner?

To be the person you are proud of being and would be proud of being even if you were single today?

It matters more than you think.

If you wait to have a relationship in order to feel fulfilled, you will feel inadequate once your ideal person comes along. You will feel unworthy of them. That’s the catch. But if you feel fulfilled on your own, and like yourself and your life before having a partner, you will feel worthy of that ideal partnership once you meet your perfect person.


Do you feel like you aren’t good enough because you aren’t who you want to be? Do you care about being your best self every day for you?

Because that is the only way to feel fulfilled and good enough when the time comes. You have to create the life you want to have for yourself. You will feel good enough and know how great you are once you build that self-love by affirming the best of yourself every day.

Do you know how to create that life or need help doing so?

If you are willing to make the effort to be happy just for yourself, you are showing that you want to be happy and send the right signals to the Universe to bring you more happiness. This is how Law of Attraction works – we get more of what we demonstrate that we want.

What you’ll receive in addition to that happiness is a boost of confidence. You will suddenly feel worthy of everything! See, there are so many ways creating our own happiness instills in us the ability to manifest someone special by simply feeling deserving.

Creating our own happiness will make you used to feeling deserving of any desire.

Creating happiness just for you will give you anything and anyone you want, simply because it will make you feel worthy of any and every happiness.

Don’t wait.


Are you happy at work or would you like to use Law of Attraction to manifest a different job or career?

Here are some jobs I manifested since developing confidence in being a unique employee whose specific niche is recognized, appreciated and highly in demand.

Communications consultant whose first client funded her incorporation. I was hired before even having a business and very excited to start! This experience gave me a massive injection of confidence.

Writer and blogger. Poems, books, guest blogging and writing in two languages. This manifestation started in my childhood and continued into adulthood. Blogs didn’t even exist when I started!

Adjunct lecturer at a private university. I manifested this job out of thin air. I hadn’t applied but knew I wanted to work at a university and they called me! Everything I had done by then (blogging included) served as a reference for being offered an opportunity to create my own university course. I loved every moment of it and was able to help teach confidence, presentation skills and forming one’s own professional niche to students who went onto achieving great success.

Full time life and Law of Attraction coach. This job came by popular demand and grew, showing the power of Law of Attraction itself.

Is there a job you’d like to manifest?

You may think that you shouldn’t visualize your dream job because it’s “hard to get” but you should; only by visualizing what you truly want will you approach it from the place of love!

And love is the manifestation mover, shaker, fixer and creator. When you want what you love, you influse love into your thoughts and visualization, and create results!


A friend once told me an interesting story. She was visualizing the act of a former flame coming back into her life. She thought about his grand gestures, what he would say, how he’d ask her to come back and how often his phone calls would come.

She imagined the act of reconciliation because it fulfilled her need. She was sure that once the results appeared in her current reality, she would feel better – this need was the driver of her visualizations.

She didn’t manifest the relationship.

Where did she go wrong?

She practiced the opposite of her desire by not visualizing their relationship after they actually reconciled – that’s when a relationship starts. She made a mistake visualizing her relationship status changing instead of having changed already!

Let’s say you want to get back together with your ex. If you visualize your ex coming back into your life asking you to reconcile, you would be visualizing not being with your ex now. In fact, you would be visualizing that you are still apart when thinking about your ex just coming back. In this visualization, the ex is just coming back because you are still not back together. You aren’t starting your visualization from the place of being back together already. Does that make sense?

To start a visualization from the place of being back together already is to be happy visualizing already being in a relationship simply because you love being with your person. To do this is to approach this relationship from a place of love!

And why did she visualize the act instead of the result? Because she was driven by need, not love. She was coming from the place of missing him instead of focusing on how much she loved being with him. There’s a big difference.

It might sound complicated but it isn’t.

need vs. love in visualization and manifestation

When you choose to visualize being in a relationship vs. getting it back, you allow yourself to feel having it already. And when you consistently visualize being in that relationship, you will stop missing it!

Visualizing the act of reconciliation will always leave you starting from the mindset of being single. If you visualize the reconciliation itself, you will remember that you are single every day! You will begin every visualization from the point of view of being single. You will feel single when you should be focusing on feeling like you’re in a relationship already, because that’s what manifests the relationship!

Does visualizing the relationship make you truly happy? Do you care more about being happy or not being lonely anymore?


A relationship should be a love manifestation, not a need manifestation.

Thinking about needing a reconciliation because you miss your ex causes feelings of loneliness. Thinking about how happy you are being in a new relationship with your ex, now your partner, causes feelings of fulfilment and love, and will make you feel like the relationship is yours already.

the takeaway

We must choose to feed our minds (and mindsets) with love. Visualizing the act of manifesting feeds our emotions with need, and need is a manifestation killer.


You may have heard this story from me before; I may have told you about it during our coaching sessions or you may have previously seen it on the blog. Changing your focus can be a short and sweet process, especially when you approach it with committed positivity, and a smooth manifestation can follow.

Make sure you love what you visualize.


I’ve been told that I didn’t understand how difficult it can be to stay positive about a manifestation while living in the current reality of pain and grief. I haven’t had enough pain and grief for everyone to notice – this is true – but I’ve certainly had boredom. Boredom can also make staying positive in the current reality difficult, but wanting to eliminate its presence is exactly what motivates me to focus on my ideal reality instead.

You see, we can’t get rid of pain if we focus on the pain. And dwelling on our boredom won’t stop us from being bored. We have to step back from these emotions and look at them from the outside because that is the only way to gain perspective.

Why is that the only way?

Law of Attraction explains it perfectly – we receive more of what we focus on. The thoughts we nurture will grow. Therefore, we should nurture positive thoughts to move away from negativity.


Does that make sense?

how to change your thoughts to change your life

We were taught that a problem must be solved by focusing on its components. Law of Attraction tells us that replacing a problem with a positive solution is the way to solve that problem.

If I’m bored, I must do or visualize something that represents happiness and fun to me. I’m going to visualize being in a situation that makes me say, “Yes! I want this in my life! This much happiness is the only reality I choose!”

I’ll do that because I know that I must make those happy scenarios my first choice. The Universe interprets what we focus on to be our choice, so I better send the right message.

This is a principle of LoA we should always keep in mind, because it can make our lives much easier!

Let’s make it our new mantra.

stepping into self-love

We can make practical changes in our lives by applying these ideas to our day-to-day lives and sprinkling our realities with a little affirmation or visualization – because they aren’t a fairy tale. They’re real and they work.

We can also make significant changes by practicing self-love in every single aspect of life, and soon becoming a magnet of positivity, reflective in our thoughts and positive changes in our lives.

If you think about it, choosing positive thoughts is a reflection of loving ourselves. Choosing negative thoughts means continuing to practice punishing mindsets.


How do you manifest abundance without having any first?

How do you manifest abundance without being uncomfortable with not knowing how or where it’s going to come from?

how to make Law of Attraction support who you are

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I want to encourage you to be comfortable with being in the world and attracting what you want from it, but I also want to offer you practical steps for reaching that goal.

And my first step is knowing who I am. So, I want your first step to be knowing who you are and what abundance means to you, because knowing what you are attracting is not to be underrated.


Specificity about manifestation means clarity in visualization.


When I know who I am, I know what to attract. I know what I want to have and what makes me comfortable. I can’t shy away from my life goals if they’re considered frivolous or superficial; I can’t shy away from them if others consider them impossible either. Denying them would be denying who I am…and we don’t have to nor can we be everything.

And when I know what I want to attract, I am actually comfortable not having it today. Think about it – you doubt manifesting a happy relationship when you don’t know what a happy relationship looks like or how it feels! You doubt manifesting money when you don’t know what it feels like to have it! Yet you don’t have to know it from life – you just have to know what you want it to be like for you! You have to know how you want to experience it in your day-to-day life.

why do we have to be specific about what to manifest?

There is a wonderful life lesson at the basis of specificity about manifestation.

When I get specific about what to manifest, I’m fully comfortable believing that I will! Clarity makes visualizations believable, right? In that case, getting clear on what to manifest is the first step towards believing that it’s possible.

And getting clear plus believing that you can means taking control of your destiny. When you don’t believe your desires are possible, you’ll feel that life is controlling you. You’ll see yourself as someone at the mercy of destiny’s whims.

If you think about it, you will see that lacking clarity about what to manifest and what it feels like to have it rests behind every doubt in the inevitability of your manifestation. When we can’t imagine it, we can’t believe in it – it always happens that way!

Don’t you agree?

Developing belief means feeding your mind with affirmations and expecting life to follow. Expect to see what you want out of life! Expect to see what you want – don’t be doubtful about what you might see.

Don’t let your life control you.

Instead of letting your life take control of you, you start taking control of your life! That way, all temporary obstacles become supporting parts of the big picture intended to direct you towards your goal. You’ll stop thinking that your life’s happiness is subjected to random occurrences and take control of its direction instead!



Did your past include undesirable events? A lack of encouragement from your parents? People who treated you like you’re less than? School bullying?

Whether or not one likes to admit it, these events shape one’s self-perception. This form of awareness doesn’t always mean one agrees with these events; it means that, by focusing on them, one begins to view oneself as someone who always encounters people they dislike, someone who’s always stuck in jobs they dislike while others work in their desired jobs, someone who only has unhappy relationships and is never treated as well as they deserve… These notions impact one’s self-perception of being this person.

In order to become the person you know you can be, you must believe you are that person already – and as a part of the process, I suggest you kick those old self-perceptions out the door for good.

It’s time for a new awareness.

how can i stop feeling stuck in an undesired reality and self-perception?

First, you will identify these parts of your awareness. How do you feel about the way your life has gone?

Do you feel unlucky?

Do you feel unsupported?

Do you feel like you’re repeatedly dealing with the same interfering lack of confidence or limiting beliefs?

Whatever the reason, let’s use the following technique to remove those feelings.

Today, I wanted to remove past feelings and a similar awareness that stemmed from annoyance. So I mentally (and visually – seriously, use visualization!) kicked these annoyances out the door and shut it. The door represented my awareness and I kicked these irrelevant factors out of it.

Man, did that feel good!

Please, do the same. Kick them out. They’re unworthy of even a second of your attention.

I always advocated for discarding any limiting beliefs and kicking them away forever. Personally, I was letting some annoying thoughts get in the way today and I can’t live with myself unless I feel good, and feel like I’m the person of my dreams. I respect myself too much to feel any less. And I know that perpetuating this awareness is entirely up to me and no one else.

This is how much I hope you can respect yourself.

If you’re making any choices that interfere with your positive awareness or are making you believe you are settling for less, you should probably reevaluate those choices. These choices can be in the form of self-talk, dwelling on limiting beliefs daily, jobs, weak boundaries or relationships. They make you feel like you’re settling for less because they seem to suit some outlandish scenarios which are simply not you! They don’t go with you. They aren’t who you are.

With that kick out the door, you will release the inner energy of being the person you want to be. It’ll be therapeutic yet somehow light and freeing.

Try it!

And then move on with your true life and self.

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