Visualize and Let Go?

I’ve noticed something I do and wanted to share it with you.

Sometimes, I just dive into entirely real visualizations of my desires. These visualizations are so lifelike that I occasionally end up confused after snapping out of them, so to speak. They make me so happy that I can easily say, “It’s going to happen,” and let go. Then, I continue to ride on the good mood from these visualizations for a long time, naturally seeking out more and more activities providing good feelings throughout the day.

Some make a mistake by focusing on how their manifestation might come about and what might be happening with it right now. I believe that these worries and ideas are nothing but a product of dissatisfaction with one’s current circumstances and unfulfilled needs.

It is only necessary to create a happy reality for oneself; filling one’s life with love, happiness, a beloved profession, pets, travel, supportive individuals and fun activities combined with self-confidence will make you realize you are the person capable of fulfilling your own needs.

The need for a specific desire to manifest is created when the said desire comes from a negative place. If the reason for the manifestation you want to experience is to escape your current reality in one way or another, you will feel the need to manifest as soon as possible. The problem is that needs create more of the same, therefore the more you try to escape and the faster you try to manifest, your need will grow and continue to prevent the said desire from manifesting in your reality.

That is why being happy now is most important. Find some appreciation for your current circumstances and little by little, you will be able to picture living the life you want.

Stop being upset with your current circumstances or your negative thoughts – they’re insignificant. You have the power to change your life this very moment.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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  1. “Stop being upset with your current circumstances or your negative thoughts – they’re insignificant. You have the power to change your life this very moment.”

    Nice reminder Nina. Thanks

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  2. I can totally relate with the visualization part which seems be so true that you are happy for no reason for a longer period of time.
    I still thing think that I have to work on letting go of things that I don’t look at “What – Is” for even a second. I affirm:

    Letting Go is Easy.
    Let It Be.
    Everything is working in the back end.

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  3. Wow Nina, that was so perfectly said. If that was the last post any of us could ever read, it really encapsulated (in a simple straightforward way) everything one needs to know to let go and manifest. I LOVE this post.

    Thank you for sharing such words of wisdom.

    Lots of love to you!

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  4. Hey I’m completely new this blog but I have to say it is a gift from the universe. ESP with today’s blog entry. I been writing and scripting and meditating but I feel like I’m too aware of the present rather than focus on the end goal and to release it. My story is long but my goal is similar to other girls, wanting their ex. He is the person I keep seeing getting married to and having a beutiful life together. I just our breakup was pretty big disaster. I def found inspiration from the comments but when I feel I let go idk if I did. I said I let go, I focused on myself but when I visualize and/or send heart energy I feel like I haven’t let go than. And heart energy I been or acting everyday cause I feel good when I do it. I love writing about my relationship now and how beautiful and amazing it is. And how grateful I am. I just hope I am doing it right..? If someone could help a situation out like me I would so appreciate it. Thank you, light and love to all.


    1. Welcome and thank you so much 🙂 We have a wonderful community here 🙂
      I suggest you ask yourself why you don’t feel good imagining your ideal reality with him. Why don’t you believe it is possible? Do you feel undeserving or like you can’t have it? I think one of those things is making you focus on your current reality.
      If it makes you feel good, on the other hand, and if you believe you will have it you are doing it right 🙂


      1. Thank you Nina for writing back! I so wanted a response. And when i think about us and my visualizations make me feel so good, I know I have unconditional love for him. maybe it’s cause in the bottom of my brainI feel like I can’t produce it, but my heart keeps fighting for it. I even begin to tear up every time I send heart energy or meditate. . And I guess I believe it’s possible, I know what I want, I just have a little pull in current reality (i.e. Nay Sayers, lack of communication) but I write my script and I say affirmations to keep my vibes up. Reading your advice to others have given me the biggest boost of confidence and faith. Because I do believe I can have the long lasting relationship with him. I do believe he’s my husband. Just I need help or support, idk? If you have any other wonderful advice Nina i would appreciate it.


      2. Above everything else, I advise using the support you get on this blog, from myself and others in the community which is wonderful and very active, to increase your own belief. I believe in you so use that to believe in yourself 😀
        I am so glad you already found so much help on the blog 😀 Another thing I would advise is visualization. I advise this because I personally find it very useful and it can be to anyone because we all do it. We all see images in our minds all the time! 😀 Visualization can be easy and natural. Imagine something that would make you happy to experience with him, or the way you would love to live with him in your life 😀 You feel the greatest love when you can just lose yourself in the moments with someone so I suggest imagining what those moments would be. What would make you the happiest to experience with him? Always go for a dream-come-true scenario!


      3. Nina I swear you are an angel!
        You have given me such like an amazing overall feeling! I honestly feel like on cloud 9 right now just by reading what you just wrote so from the bottom of my heart a thousand thank yous. And I’m lucky enough I have one person in my life who is like you and believes in me. I even asked her to visualize me getting a Skype call from him this weekend. Anyone who reads help visuAlize that w me lol. And seriously funny enough you should have said dream come true scenario because i always been a huge believer of fairy tales and my dream come true (which I know is our relationship) like in Cinderella. I even sing “a dream is a wish that your heart makes” and I been having dreams w him in it. Maybe it’s not a huge synchronization but to me that made me smile. Thank you.


  5. Hi Nina,

    I think one reason resistance is there is because of the concept of time. I have read that time is an illusion–can you expand on this? Like people often have deadlines for themselves that something has to happen or manifest by a certain time.

    People may say “you are getting older..its time to find someone and just get married” and its said in a way that makes you feel like time is running out. How does one overcome these unfortunate but common ways of thinking?

    Also while visualizing I have also read that visualizing the one you love happy (as though they are sittng right in front of you..and you see them from your pont of view) is how one is supposed to visualize. That you see them happy.

    Then when you live in the end and create a scene hear people compliment/congratulate you on your marriage etc.

    Please share your thoughts on these different points, Nina 🙂 Thanks!!!


    1. Time is said to be an illusion and it’s not been proven that events truly happen in some kind of sequence. You have the power to manifest everything you want now, without a delay, just by changing your awareness and therefore vibration and too many inexplicable events happen without any explanation of how and when. If time truly existed, there would never be any inexplicable events or exceptions of any kind to any events we may think of. Time is only existent if perceived as such, if you believe there will be some sort of delay or a better time for an event to happen.
      In the second example, people believe their time is limited so they want to accomplish their goals while they believe they can. Truth is, you always can. The world is sadly limited in its teachings of the flow of life, the chances for success and its perception of happiness as well as dreams coming true.
      You can however choose not to think about time and just dive into the visualizations of your perfect life NOW. Like it was said in this post, you can just be happy in your visualization, say “It’ll happen” and let go. Time is also a nuisance to those who believe they have to bring their manifestations to life themselves so they feel they should invest in staying youthful and being rich otherwise they would never catch a husband/wife. The truth is, you should desire everything you do for YOURSELF. The Universe brings it to you anyway.
      You do want to visualize both of you happy together, if the relationship is what you are choosing to visualize. If you’re not happy, why even attract it? You can also see people talking to you about your relationship, I have done this. I have also done relationship visualizations any way I wanted to. You can have the person sitting next to you, holding hands, anything else you want! It just has to make you happy 🙂


      1. I do that holding hands part!! It feels really good. I could/can actually feel the skin under my fingers, the bracelet he wears, how his nails appear, his shirt folded ,etc etc when I want(ed). or anything else for that matter.. like money in my hands, that heels I have been planning to buy, or giving those clothes to someone who needs it… I am actually writing all this because I am feeling good and I want to attract more of it…


  6. Lightline
    For how long do you visualize and try to get him back?
    Do you have any success till now?
    I am asking because I am new in all this (you can read my post/story I wrote when you click “About” and scroll down) and little scared because with every day I lose hope and maybe too much time has passed to revive my relationship 😦
    Just a bad day today, too much bad feelings… I need to change that..


    1. Lightline is full of amazing advice, having recently attracted an ex back! 😀 You can read more of the comments in the community on many of the other posts! 😀


    2. J Hi Sweety,
      Sorry I saw ur message today.
      I Visualized whenever it felt good. Whenever current reality started brining my vibrations down like making me feel less than deserving.
      So i think the idea is whenever u feel good, do it. Whenever u want something to happen but ur current reality is making u feel less than that feeling…. visualize. With ur true heart. Not to make that happen but because u want it happen and u just made it happen in ur visualization .


  7. I have let go of my desire , let the universe know what I really want , I am visualizing and writing about it. Still I felt the need to message him but he did not want to continue with me. His reply did not make me feel bad as I feel I am already with him. I feel I am doing everything correctly.
    Do I need to continue doing this? Does this mean I have really let go of it?


    1. It does. You know this is yours, you know you’re doing it correctly and you know your relationship is coming to you. Be grateful for it as if you have received it already and keep being happy with life 😀


  8. Hi Nidhi,
    That sounds so perfect. You sound so confident in yourself. This is what Nina suggests… selflove and confidence. Don’t feel that you have to make something a routine unless you feel good while u r doing it. If u Visualized even for once and found yourself soaked in that good tingly in tummy feeing u have got it right. If scripted once in a day and ur hand couldn’t stop writing for a while because u kept getting the ideas, you’ve got that place where u allow it to happen. Or affirm once and have that feeling of joy and like world is urs… ONCE is enough. But do it as much as it feels good.

    There is a difference in making things happen and letting it happen. After my first major manifestation my brain got this idea that whatever I visualize happens exactly the way it is. So i started making stories to make that happen. It didn’t feel right somehow because there was an urgency involved. Then i started asking my heart again what it wants and I followed where it led me to. That was the right path that I wanted to happen and I had to allow it. And it happeed.

    OMG my heart starts jumping and I get goose bumps… so happy so grateful to the uni for this manifestation. I feel like hugging everyone and say just feel good and believe. Let him or her be the way they are. Feel good about them. U want some time off … great. Hope u feel good. U want out with friends great… hope u feel good and be safe. U didn’t reply to my messages… great. I am not in hurry. Do it when u want it.

    What I want to say is unconditional love sounds like this to me… and then u feel so good about yourself. To have that warm feeling around the heat area… and that does all the job.


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  9. Hi Nina/Lightline,

    Just wanted to share some good news – we met last night and its quiet unbelievable as I never thought it would happen anytime soon and it was wonderful. This is a good way of learning self control & self confidence. I appreciate all your help.
    Now I am moving on from this initial manifestation to something more important to me. I need to keep my vibrations to higher levels so will continue writing affirmations and meditate. My question is how do I make sure this will remain with me forever in my life?

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    1. Hi N,

      Congrats, awesome!

      “Believe in Yourself” “You are deserving” “You deserve it to be with you lifetime” “You deserve it to be with you till the time you want”

      What I do now a days it I don’t think beyond tomorrow. I pre-pave my tomorrow, show gratitude today, send good vibes to different stuff and live with contrast by saying “it’s okay!” “I attracted it” “I can change it” etc. Recently I had a contrast and that led me do this!

      Love & Light

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      1. Thank you Lightline.

        I am trying not to make the first contact and trying to focus on other things. I dont know how to deal with this….I am not sure but I feel I should not contact when I have obsessive feelings/thoughts so trying not to. As Nina once told in one of her posts that when we feel its right and not worried about the outcome we can initiate. It’s difficult for me to differentiate. I think the best I can do is not do anything about my urges. This exercise is also making me believe in myself and believe that happiness lies within ourselves which I believed years ago. Somehow down the line I have changed my thoughts because of the pressure around me for getting married. Everyone got married or were having kids and this led me to start relying on a guy for my happiness /security / status in society. This kind of feelings changed me a lot getting back to who I used to be is not easy but I never gave in for my genuine feelings of happiness and contentment that’s why looking for answers as to what kind of relationship will be true to my heart. I feel connected to this person and its mutual but I believe he has his fears too. I think we are all in the right path as we are all looking for true happiness for our souls…


    1. Hi Lightline,

      I’ve had my ups and downs but staying positive. I read Elizabeth Daniels book “Manifesting Love”–which I believe Nina also read too. Thank you for asking how we are doing. That was sweet of you. How are you?


      1. Hi Mrs. A, I am doing great! I had a bit of contrast this month due to my job which I finally successfully manifested in my favour. Today was my first day in new project. So, it’s all good. I am reading this book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill so will be reading more of it these days. 🙂

        Regarding, Ups and Downs, it’s all good. These are only talking us a step further to what our HEART wants.


      2. I have that book as well but have never actually read it, I will have to get to it 😀


    2. Hi Lightline,

      I’m doing good. Actually on a plane right now headed to visit him. I’m a little bit nervous to be honest, but trying to focus on all the good things that can happen instead of the past. How about you Lightline? Still a success with your person ?

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      1. Hi C, So excited for you and happy too!! if you haven’t met yet, note down 10 reasons that could go well in this meeting… I just read about it and it’s really cool.

        Yes! everything is going great. I manifested my new work place in his building right above his floor. Isn’t it awesome!?! Today when we met, he said “Damn! why didn’t they give you the section in front of my floor so we could see, wave and smile at each other whenever we are out?” I wish I could say I manifested it!! LOL We had a contrast that played to be great later. Somebody came in between to prove how deeply he thinks of me… during this contrast I cried but I affirmed it’s all okay! What matters to me is we are connected and we adore each other despite of anything. I sent heart energy to him and that someone. I left them alone, but talked nicely and kept affirming as well as kept asking what my heart wnats and visualizing. It all worked out.

        I realized one thing though, while I am getting good at manifesting stuff with humans, situations really get me and I become anxious very soon and I get confused with that. I dunno why… it takes me longer time to manifest a situation/object that I want… (Nina can you help why it is so?)

        Sending you love & light and try visualization Neville way. I trust it will go fine. If you feel good about writing your experience here, please do.


      2. I think it’s possible you expect an answer from humans, you can anticipate how it might come to you but you don’t know HOW you might receive an item you want, that might be why it’s taking longer.


      3. Hi Lightline,

        Can you elaborate more on the situation you were telling me about earlier about a third person interfering. Was someone after you or was someone else after your guy?

        How did you find the positive in that ? And what exactly was happening ?



  10. Hi Lightline & All

    I downloaded the book The Dark Side of The Light Chasers by Debbie Ford.


    It’s about when someone speaks about other people or things or whatever, they are actually speaking about themselves. It may not be the same act, we may not carry out the same acts, but we all have all the same traits. For example when you hear someone talking about another and they refer to them as a ‘stupid idiot’ thats you talking about yourself and a part of ourselves we have disowned and need to love and integrate and accept.

    I am reading it again right now and doing the exercises and I have to say its the most confronting and emotionally charged book I’ve ever read. I was in tears for a few days as it sparked memories I had forgotten and how I could see how I did certain things in the past also, as we all have and can do because we have every human trait/aspect within us. I recommend everyone reads it asap. People would manifest things right after doing the work in the book or after the sessions with her. One woman was known as the “angry” lady, she was either abandoned by her mother or given up for adoption, she didn’t have any baby photos of herself, I can’t remember the story exactly, but they got her to admit the dark side of her that she was suppressing and she let it go etc, and 2 weeks later a private investigator sent her a picture of herself as a baby and then a few weeks later she met her birth mother. All the stories have similar endings, when the work was done, they manifested everything they had ever wanted. You get to see how you’ve disowned yourself and those things about ourselves that we consider to be ‘dark’ aspects. You can get it on kindle for about 12.00 or so depending on your area.

    Just last night I went out with some friends and I didn’t want my photo taken, i wasn’t feeling that great about my weight and one of them said to me; “you’re so aggressive” – I had to become aggressive because I’d asked so many times for them to stop and tell them again not to put it on fb and I felt like they were not respecting what I had asked. So in that small moment I got to see them talk about themselves, that they are aggressive, but at the same time had to admit that I also have the aggressive trait in me as does everyone in the world. Make sense? But you try and tell people this and they either reject it or do what we all do, close our eyes to the truth and find something else to distract us. We don’t see that these ‘dark’ traits have a gift for us.

    When someone says something about a person, place, thing, anything – you have to say “I am like that, I have it within me.’ And then stand in front of a mirror and say it over and over again until the emotional charge is gone. So I would have to stand in front of mirror and say ‘I am aggressive, I am aggressive’ on and on until the emotional charge is gone. We try to hide this ‘dark’ part of us but really we need to find the gift in them.

    ***It’s also very scary when you start to listen and watch people and what they are saying. When they for instance are calling someone a stupid bitch, that is them talking about themselves and then you know you have that trait in you also because you attracted that person, but you don’t hate that about yourself, you love it and accept it as much as you love and accept that you can be loving and giving also. Yin, yan. etc. Its only when you embrace the dark side that the light shines through. It’s about becoming WHOLE.***

    I did try to convey this to people at work and it was rejected because they said “I’m not like that person!’ Or “i would never do that!’ We had an incident at work where one of the staff was stealing clothes. Everyone was bashing this guy, they would run over to me and say “he’s a thief!’ – I knew then that they were talking about themselves and then i had to look at myself to see where I was stealing or had stolen in the past, if i was doing it in he present somewhere, or if i would steal in the future and the answer is always YES. I then asked them had they ever stolen anything in their lives and of course they said no! This is a lie. I then asked ‘have you ever had the impulse to steal?’ And they said ‘yes’ and I said ‘ok, that means you have the trait.’ I then said ‘do you think you will or could steal in the future?’ and of course they said ‘no’ and i said ‘what happens if you lose your job and you need to steal to survive or feed your kids?’ and they said nothing. It proved to them that they have the trait to steal, even if they hadn’t done so in the past, they don’t know if they would be capable of it in the future. I have found just since downloading this book and presenting it to people that the ones who rejected it the quickest have the darkest traits and are the ones hiding it the most but presenting something out into the world that is not really them.

    There is a psychoanalyst called Norberto Keppe who said that people who are set to die by execution are done so by US the population and the law because we dont want to see ourselves in those ‘evil’ people because we have those traits and we don’t want to see ourselves, we may not commit the same acts such as murder, but we have the traits in us and we don’t want to see the truth about what we have within us and what we maybe capable of so we ‘kill’ the parts of us that we don’t want to see and then project it onto other people. I did warn you that this was a full on post. :/

    Its like the catholic church that says gays are a sin then hides pedophiles in the churches, or politicians who try to rid the streets of prostates but then get caught in sex acts with them hookers or the politician who bashed gays but then came out as being gay himself. Do you see what I mean? What all these people were saying was bad was the dark side of them that they were hiding.

    I was at the supermarket the other day and I accidentally bumped into the lady behind me and she got angry, instead of reacting back i said to myself “I am like that, I have it within me.’ (because we all do) It stopped any kind of upset or reaction from me and it was like it never happened. Just amazing. I suggest everyone try it.

    When someone comes up to me now to talk about another person or thing or whatever I just respond now with ‘Cool’ and know that is going to be something I have to work on. When they try to talk to me now I don’t give a response or jump in on the party of ‘yeah she’s a bitch!’ or even agree because now I know that the person informing me is talking about themselves and that I have to integrate and love the part of me that can be a bitch also. (as we all can be) The people who deny being anything have suppressed that trait and it must be integrated and accepted or the balance will be off.

    All i know is that when people loved their dark sides they manifested everything they ever wanted.

    This caught my eye; ‘When we are affected by someones behaviour its a projection of our disowned qualities.” and “The key is to understand that there is nothing we can see or perceive that we are not. If we did not possess a certain quality we could not recognise it in another.” – That second line is so powerful. If you can spot it, you’ve got it.

    News about the guy. He won’t respond to calls. I’m too busy working on myself now to be honest, but I still have hope.



    1. Hi Gretta,

      I have read this post! and I liked how this perspective helps us to better ourselves.

      I am so happy that you have hope. Don’t give up until your heart wants. Stay true to it.

      Love & Light


      1. Gretta- correction. I have read about the same concept in a post on Byron Katie’s blog I guess! I am still not sure though. ❤


  11. LyLy / JCE

    So I took your advices and I think with a combination of the exercises in the book I mentioned above things for me personally are really starting to look a lot better. I am feeling a lot better within myself and more confident.

    Also if anyone wants to explain this to me I’d be really interested in your thoughts. So I have let go, not completely, just to move on and focus on myself and not on him and work on myself with the exercises in the book. Anyway, today I went out….. I will list what happened.

    1) I walked past a group of guys and I heard them say “What time is XXX meeting us?’ – It was my guys name.
    2) I walked into one shop, his name was near the door, a clothing label.
    3) I walked into another shop, his name was at both entrance points.
    4) I walked past a mother and child and the mother yelled out “XXX come here!’ Again his name.
    5) I walked into a book shop in the same shopping centre and the guy serving me was his name. (!)
    6) I walk into a perfume shop and his name is at the counter.
    7) I come home and go into one of my draws and the box has his name written on the side (the people who made the box)
    8) I turn on the TV and the first thing I see is a contestant with his name.
    9) I go into my phone to send a message to a friend and it opened up with HIS old messages automatically.
    9 – that is a small list of the amount of times I came into contact with his name just today.

    Any ideas?


    1. Gretta,

      I would say go back to your old messages and see the pattern. I have seen how you start manifesting positive things about him when you read/practice something that raises vibration, beliefs etc. So, you know what I want to say… 😀 right!!

      Now, to the signs you are manifesting and what I think: imo (from personal experience with LOA and signs) just watch your thoughts and see if there is anytime your mind wanders to him and you say silently…[ God, I am letting it go, I am done!! / Universe, what to do? / What should I do? / what the heck why I am thinking of him? ] though you are telling yourself that you are focusing on yourself… and deep inside your heart still wants him….

      This is all a way for Uni to say do not give up. It all happened with me.

      Love & Light


  12. Hi there y’all – thank you Lightline for checking up on us 🙂

    N, so nice you got to meet him, the obsession is tricky to handle when we’re not ready so it’s understandable. That is why it’s so important to focus on yourself so much you’re emotionally at the right place for your manifestation ..

    Gretta, I’m familiar with shadow working it’s definitely something that resonates with me and I always ask myself when I’m triggered by something what in myself I’m trying to ignore. I think with your guy you get so triggered there is a lot more about him that you’re uncomfortable with that are really things you’re uncomfortable with within yourself.

    The name you hear and see everywhere is a sign that you’re in tune with it. I think you should accept it, be thankful for it and carry on. Don’t over analyze iit or go beyond what it is : alignment to his name which is a great place to start.

    Continue the work because the situation between the both of you is not just because of who he is but also because of who you were/are so for the outcome to be different, you have to heal so when it happens the outcome is different and not just a repeat of history.

    Just my 2 cents.

    I have been ok really, lightline not focusing too much on my guy , it was getting too invasive and I felt like I had lost myself – so I put it aside for a while and see if I want to try again later. I remember praying that if he wasn’t right for me he should be taken out of my life and it should be easier for me to forget him : haven’t seen or heard from him in a while and it doesn’t make me as sad as it used to … So maybe that’s exactly what was supposed to happen.

    I haven’t fully let him go yet though, but I’m aware that i need to become the woman who can enjoy a healthy relationship with him or someone else so trying to focus on that 🙂

    Hope Nina’s alright though, she’s been MiA for a while which is quite unusual.


    1. Hi Lyly,

      So good to read your comment!!

      I agree with “being in tune with the name” this happened when I was thinking of my boy’s name way too much because it made me happy. Then I realized that this is the manifestation of his name because I have been thinking of it. That day i decided to let go of the name and thought of him, his face etc. But despite of this I saw his name whenever I felt like saying I am letting it go, or I want to think of something else… etc (as I mentioned in reply to Gretta). I just tried to interpret it as “Uni doesn’t want me to give up”.

      “i need to become the woman who can enjoy a healthy relationship” reading this make me feel so good and gives me inspiration to work more on myself. In context of everything. In terms of my relationship with everything. This major job contrast shook me but it’s all good now.

      I wish you the best and sending good vibes to you!!


    2. Hi Lyly and others,

      I have managed to shift my focus on myself and things around me. Its the long distance that is causing me so uncomfortable if anything.

      I have been practicing meditation and trying to send heart energy. When I send heart energy I feel a bit heavy on my chest I am not sure if anyone has felt this way too or am I doing it wrong ? I do believe my energy is reaching him some way. I am starting to think I need to focus on love rather than specific person but I know I can live without and its just that one person that would make my life fill with much more fun and excitement.


    3. Hi 😀 I am very well and I was away because I wanted to finish the book as fast as possible.
      I was set back by some circumstances which had set me back for about three weeks. During the time I wanted to just get down to work, I had relatives stay with me who had some things to do in town and then a family friend passed away. He was older and ill but regardless, it was sad. However, I somehow managed to add about twenty pages to the book that I didn’t think would be in it so that was a pleasant turnout of the entire delay.
      I will write out a post describing the book today, it went live 😀


  13. Thanks for the comments.

    This seeing his name everywhere yesterday happened when i started going out and having fun and not worrying about him.

    Funny, last night after posting my post above about all the times I saw his name – I turn on the TV again and the main character of the movie is his name.


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  14. Hi Lightline.

    I know you have posted before what you did to attract you man back, but if possible and when you get some time could you please put in point form with detail exactly what you did daily. Such as sent heart energy a certain amount of times a day or visualised or whatever else you were doing? Basically everything you were doing.

    I’m getting so confused. Neville says to not stop until it manifests but Abraham says to let go and ignore it to bring it into your life.
    If you could just put into point form what you did on a daily basis so I could use it as a guide.

    Thanks, much appreciated.



    1. Hi Gretta, I’ll find all comments and Powerful Intentions thread where I mentioned what I did.

      About Neville or Abe- I was confused too. After reading different posts and analysing the whole concept of both – I came to the point that both say the same thing but in different words.

      Neville- Slowly become a new you that you desire. Don’t quickly change it otherwise you will drag your old self/beliefs in to new one. Go to the state akin to sleep and visualize your new you. Note the difference in attitude and beliefs. Carry that around throughput the day.

      Abe- what she wants to say is don’t think of ur desire if it keeps reminding u of resistance/limiting beliefs. I remember one of her videos in which she said whenever u think of desire make sure you feel happy.

      My personal approach is to deal with it step by step, bit by bit. Turn around the limiting beliefs. This is what I did. I Visualized every dayday, I had to be a use that made me really happy. There were times when I wanted to grow a temper like my old self would do… but then I reminded myself what I want. It was complex but fun as I manifested small things on daily basis. And those small things raise my vibration , made me strong. If I could do this then I could do what I truly desire. Sometimes my brain tricked me… like seeing his name very where. So i asked Uni to show me his name in a fun way, in a way that I can interpret but it is not normal in day to day life. So for example hishis name is Stuart … This is how I saw his name… Stu on a number plate of a bike and art on a huge billboard. Back to back…in a nutshell I strengthened my beliefs by asking questions and manifesting the answers.

      I write too much… I know. *facepalm*

      Love and Light


  15. Hi Lightline.

    Thanks for the response.

    If you or anyone else could interpret the dreams I have been having just in the last 2 days I would appreciate it. As I’ve said in past posts I dont work as a clairvoyant anymore and although 90% of my dreams are prophetic I cant interpret these without getting emotionally involved and upset. I dont think the 3 dreams I am about to write about are going to come true but I think they are definitely symbolic.

    I’ve been having nite-mares for about 3 weeks now. For 3 weeks I’ve been dreaming of him.

    The 3 that effected me the most was (And I will keep it brief and just include the parts that disturbed me the most)

    1) I keep dreaming my friends are secretly communicating with him and not telling me, I know they are not, but this dream is persistent. The most common and it really affects me.

    2) I dreamt I was walking in the middle of no where and he was laying on the ground and he was hurt and I remember yelling for someone to help me because I couldn’t get him to ‘wake up’ – He was just laying there in the middle of nowhere. It looked as if he was in some kind of an accident, but there was no people around. Someone came to help and it was a doctor who knelt down near him briefly and then my guy came ‘to life’ but his face was damaged, but then he hugged me and it was a hug of someone who had come to some kind of realization. I could feel feelings of love through the hug, it was like a hug of thanking me for being there no matter what, i cant quite describe it. When I woke up it felt like someone had just hugged me. He was looking at me in the dream with a smile and a feeling of thanking me for helping him but mixed with love. Gah. Confused.

    3) I dreamt last night I was driving down a road and his mum was walking down the street and again no one was around and i opened my car door and said to her to get in and I would drive her home but she didnt want to get into the car. She wasnt angry or mean to me or anything but just didnt want to get into the car with me. I kept saying to her its ok, she has nothing to be worried about, but she wouldnt get in, then I woke up.

    GAH! I dont know why I am having so many nitemares like this.

    Any ideas anyone?


    1. HI Gretta,

      I agree with N and Nina.

      Here in India, elders give many meanings to dreams like dreaming of water means sickness in family, seeing vegetables and fruits means somebody is about to conceive etc. LOL

      But the most accurate I have found out is that “they show us our current state of our (hidden) beliefs, fears and desires.”

      I have created a dream journal and I note down whatever I remember. I write down my dreams only when I have time but it’s really fun to read them.



      1. Hi Lightline,
        Not sure if you saw my other message last week. Can you elaborate more on the situation you were telling me about earlier about a third person interfering. Was someone after you or was someone else after your guy?
        How did you find the positive in that ? And what exactly was happening ? That is only if you don’t mind sharing.



  16. Hi Gretta,

    I am not an expert but I do try and look for interpretation out of fun. Although I don’t think we should dwell on them too much.

    If anything your dreams suggests your current situation –

    1. First dream suggests your resistance to your belief that you protect occasionally. Your tendency to believe in things which should not be relevant.

    2. Your second dream is your actual dream of your life and not a nightmare in any respect. Your dreams tells us that he is on his way to you. He may be damaged in someway but he is thankful to your love and expresses his love for you and he loves you with all his heart.

    3. This dream is again a reality just showing up in your dream that you know his mother is avoiding you for no particular reason.

    I had a nightmare myself last night and before I went to sleep I thought I should dream about my specific person. It was worst dream ever – he was married to a friend of mine and my life was going in a wrong direction and ended up being in a big messy situation as even though I had faith he would come to me I didn’t think it was right for me to wait for him to break up with my own friend so chose a bad path for myself. Basically my dream suggested I am waiting for something which will make me end up spoiling my life? I am not sure. I wanted to forget about this dream as when I woke up I didn’t feel nice I knew I had a bad dream. I recollected my dream anyhow and was hoping to find answer or tell someone about it. I had asked myself to dream about him before I slept so its making me feel even more bad about it. Its hurting me.


    1. In the sense that they can point out some concerns or thoughts we may have been unaware of before having them. They can be useful – they can indicate a specific thought process that we have and can then change if we dislike 🙂


  17. Hi N & Nina

    I’d like to know also about what N asked about the dreams.

    I dreamt about him again last night and this time we were sitting and talking.

    If you look at the dream I had about him above and now this dream again about us talking it does look as if some order is happening in the dreams.

    I forgot to add above that the dream about his mum, she was looking inside my car as if she wanted to get in but kept saying she’ll walk and it was ok.

    Tell me if I am crazy, but the way the dreams are heading I think they are a sign of things to come. Like progression, just a feeling I guess.

    Both of them ‘coming around?’

    The dreams are getting ‘better’ now we are talking in them.


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    1. Dreams can act as signs as they change together with your beliefs, yes. So because you believe more, your dreams change and you are manifesting what you want now 😀


  18. The dreams have gone from him stepping away from me and avoiding me to him hugging and us talking?

    Then yesterday, for some reason, I started to rearrange my bedroom. I threw things out that I normally would have kept, I threw out clothes that didn’t need to be given away, but I just had this urgency to ‘make room’ – I hung empty coat hangers on the other side of the empty wardrobe, I cleaned out all the draws, I cleaned all the levels of the wardrobe like I was making room for ‘new things’ and all the time while doing it kept saying to my roommate ‘I don’t know why I’m doing this?’ I was getting rid of old parts of me it felt like? She said it was unconscious that I didn’t realise I was making room for the new, for him. Not sure but can’t explain why at 4 in the afternoon after being out all day I suddenly decide to throw out the ‘old me’ and make room,



  19. Hi Nina

    Since downloading the book ‘The Dark Side of The Light Chasers’ by Debbie Ford and doing some of the exercises (very confronting exercises) about shadow aspects of ourselves and projection etc, all negative feelings have ceased and I don’t feel ANY need to take any kind of action where as before I was STILL emailing and calling and trying to ‘make it happen.’ It has also raised my confidence. I still have 7 chapters of exercises to do but if you read the reviews for that book on amazon, you’ll see how amazing the book is. I recommend everyone on here downloads its asap and does the exercises. Every person in the book manifested what they wanted once they loved and accepted their dark aspects.

    Now looking back the nightmares started at the time when doing the Shadow work, even before finding her book, confronting and having to love the dark aspects of myself. Now half way through the book and the exercises, my dreams are starting to change as are my feelings towards him. All ill feelings have gone. As i have more compassion for myself he is presenting himself to me in dreams showing ME compassion. Mind blown.

    I’ve been going out so much more recently and buying new clothes and having lunches with my roommate and just generally taking better care of myself, its so odd, i want better for myself now and my taste in clothing has changed, so have the price tags!! Haha.. Seriously! I was looking at a 500.00 dollar jumper today, I don’t mean everyone needs to run out and start buying 500 dollar jumpers and its not something I will make a habit of all the time, but I know if i want it I can have it – it felt so good to hold it in my hands and KNOW i could have that because I deserved it. In the past I would have talked myself out of it. I’ve jumped up levels. Cant describe it. My roommate leaves my state tomorrow. There is going to be a lot of tears as we already started crying today, we have been working on ourselves for 3 months solid, everyday. She made me an album of our time together filled with photos and memories and on the front of the album it says “you are loved” – No one has ever done anything like that for me before. I wish I could write what is written inside the card and photo album but you’d all cry like i did.

    Anyway, just wanted to point out that as i showed myself more love, compassion, acceptance and worthiness, he started to show me love, compassion and acceptance towards me in my dreams. Amazing right?

    I downloaded your book today and will start reading it tomorrow.

    Love x

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    1. Sounds terrific, all of it! I love the idea of facing our dark aspects. It means accepting ourselves 😀 And it allowed you to appreciate yourself, beautiful!
      Thank you so much!! 😀 xxxx


      1. Ask yourself, “What would I love to happen?” And then, allow yourself a spontaneous visualization 🙂 It’ll be easier to start with.


  20. Hi Nina… Visualize and letting go become difficult for contact to my specific person….specially letting go….


  21. Hi C,
    I just saw your message about the third person. I think I have already replied but I will answer here anyway.

    Q. Was someone after you or was someone else after your guy?
    A. Someone in my guy’s life who might have had a crush on.

    Q. How did you find the positive in that ?
    A. It took me time. Really. My heart sank when I saw her, when I listened to a song and it reminded me of my boy, it also brought her face in front of me. And many other less-than-good-feelings. But I changed my perspective. About her, having good thought, sending heart energy etc. About myself: affirmations like if it happened once, it will happen again. He thinks of me all the time. He reads my messages. He checks my status and many other things… that made me confident about his feelings. Plus visualizations. I also visualized that girl sitting in the cafe but he is still looking at me. This is the funny one. It really happened and by that time I was very much composed about everything. then Nina’s suggestions that believe in your desire. Just know it is yours and many other suggestions.

    Q.And what exactly was happening ?
    A. It was only my fear manifesting. Trust me. Everything. And I would keep the details because such fears are same for everybody. You know what I mean…

    My only suggestions is: Teach yourself to see, imagine, expect only good. No matter where the current situation is going. If you are thinking of a butterfly flying in front of you in a certain way, trust me it will happen one day. Keep intending different stuff that makes you happy and see that manifesting. Imagine someone specific wearing red, someone giving a hug to you, a kid kissing on your cheek etc. You would know what I mean. You would know why this is happening what you are experiencing that makes you fit a bit off about your desire…

    P.S. Having said that, it doesn’t means me and my boy don’t have differences, little bit of fights, insecurities etc. But I know WHY it is happening and how can I change that. It all works out. To me contrast is a blessing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lightline,

      Thank you for answering again, and with amazing detail. The advice you gave is great, and I think the fact that someone with issues/fears similar in some ways to mine was able to succeed is extra inspiring so I really want to thank you for sticking around in this community. Like you mentioned…. The process of LOA is continuous and you have to keep expecting the best and managing the fear.

      Thank you again,


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    2. I love this, thank you for writing it 🙂 It’s so true – just visualize what you want and let go 🙂


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