Manifesting Weight Loss – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

From ages sixteen to twenty-four, I went through several body fitness phases. Until I learned how to use the Law of Attraction to maintain my ideal weight (after learning what my ideal weight was in the first place), I continued to fluctuate.

Instead of diets and focusing on weight “loss,” all I needed to do was see myself having my ideal weight! Not “getting” it – having it already. I also needed to confidently believe my ideal weight was here to stay instead of fearing its loss once gained or watching every bite.

Using Law of Attraction to manifest our desires is based on seeing ourselves having what we want in our minds so it could become reality. It truly is a simple concept, and seeing it as a simple one is a confident way of looking at manifesting, right?

So let’s change your view of weight loss. Let’s change it from being unattainable and difficult. Let’s allow the scenario of having your ideal body shape to become empowering!


When describing yourself, do you use thoughts like “shapely,” “big,” “out of shape” or worse? Do you say things like, “I need to lose weight?”

Stop saying it! Instead, let’s be grateful for you having your ideal figure, and let’s think about how much you love having it! With that, let’s change your self-perception.

When it comes to weight loss, many find it difficult to change their self-perception. We are used to our bodies because they’ve probably had their current shape for a while, and imagining a different body can be a stretch. For some, this can be a stretch due to the fear of success – they can’t imagine having what they want and being deserving. Others can’t imagine being happy since dissatisfaction around their shape feels like a comfort zone, and others don’t want to admit to themselves they care about their appearance without feeling superficial.

But you have to admit to yourself that you want this physical change. Be ready for it, and be ready for all the change it will bring – from the reactions of others to the way you see yourself. You must visualize having that change in your life in order to manifest it. Don’t be afraid of the beauty you are about to represent and the compliments you are about to receive.

This is where the Law of Attraction begins for weight loss – you have to see a different body in your mind and you have to be either comfortable or excited to have it! To get there, think about how it will change you. How will it feel different?

Most importantly, are you allowing yourself to feel the happiness having your ideal body will bring, now? Are you ready for happiness and gratitude to become your norm? Because this is how you’ll easily use Law of Attraction to manifest your ideal body – by embracing life on a higher vibration.


A life with your ideal figure must become as normal in your mind as living without it is right now. For that to happen, you can’t be afraid of success.

You can manifest your ideal weight in two ways:

  1. Put all the positive thoughts you can summon into the idea of your ideal weight, experiencing a smooth manifestation;
  2. Don’t think about what you want, do engage in doubts, and then manifest in stages and fluctuations.

Obviously, a lifestyle of Law of Attraction through self-confidence demands option 1!

So let’s talk about your positive mindset which will lead to smooth manifestation! We will use creative visualization to engage in this midset.

Here it comes!

Think of yourself living your life while suddenly looking like your own version of perfection. Imagine the reactions of others, your newly found confidence, feeling amazing every day… Your life has changed completely. You had to renew your entire wardrobe. Suddenly, you are receiving even more positive attention than you could have imagined. You have made incredible success your new norm in life. Don’t be afraid of this scenario!

Be afraid of this one. A lack of creative visualization or a change in mindset would most likely lead to bouncing back to the weight you’re currently comfortable with. Once you began to visualize or manifest, you might start to wonder if you truly deserve to have it. You might not believe those who tell you how amazing you look and think it was too good to be true. Then, you would manifest your old looks back. This would be equivalent to winning the lottery and then immediately losing the money due to guilt, fear of loss or fear of success. Your life wouldn’t permanently change. Some manifest this lack of improvement due to feeling less deserving of living their dreams than others. Be afraid of not thinking well enough of yourself because negative thoughts lead to a life you don’t want.

Your ideal appearance will manifest as a result of self-appreciation. Fall in love with yourself because your ideal looks are just a manifestation of that self-love. You deserve to look the way you want because you love your inner self first. Your inner beauty deserves your outer.


Now, we get to the most interesting part – how do you combine the affirmations of your ideal body with your food intake?

Well, this is an area in which you have to use LoA with a complete absence of guilt, exactly the same as with your looks.

People who have had their ideal bodies for most of their lives don’t constantly worry about gaining weight. They’re used to being at their ideal weight and probably think their bodies can’t just change out of nowhere. You have to think of yourself at your ideal weight and affirm the same as they do. Pretend you have always had your ideal body and you won’t even think that food has any power to change it.

In fact, you will soon be thinking along the lines of, “I can eat whatever I want and I never gain any weight! I’m just naturally fit.”

Think like a person who has always been effortlessly fit or had a fast metabolism. Affirm effortless fitness while eating whatever you want.

And that’s the goal – for you to stop connecting the food you eat to any changes in your body. The food is unrelated to your shape and cannot impact it.


In short – engaging in diet fads isn’t rooted in self-confidence. Those who love themselves and are aware their bodies deserve the best refuse to opt for deprivation.

Think about it. Visualizing your ideal weight and knowing that it’s yours feels good! And diets don’t.

Thinking about yourself with your ideal appearance feels good. Not eating what makes you happy doesn’t, and it makes you punish your body instead of loving it. On the other hand, loving your body automatically makes you choose the foods that feel good.


Maintaining my own figure means that having my ideal weight/body shape/fitness had to become a permanent part of my awareness.

I had previously gone through a period of test-driving thinner and curvier shapes; it helped me learn what I truly wanted to look like. I owned clothes and undergarments my body wouldn’t fill up today. I was occasionally told that I “shouldn’t be too thin,” usually by people who disliked their bodies or themselves, and I refused to rely on other people’s preferences about my appearance.

I also received many compliments about my desired figure, worded exactly as I wanted to hear them. They made me happy and even more convinced that I truly wanted the appearance I had chosen.

I used to be focused on trying everything I could in life. Now, I’m focused on having what I know I love.

To do the same, you must find your courage to leave your physical comfort zone. Yes, you will look different. You might be compelled to spend more time dressing up on a daily basis. You will find exercise more enjoyable. You are ready to feel better about yourself.

Start visualizing looking the way you want.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

2 thoughts on “Manifesting Weight Loss – State of the Wish Fulfilled and Vibration Combined

  1. Hi,

    I just found your blog.
    I have some questions, it’s not about weight but questions about the Law’s.

    I have seen SO many Law of Assumption Coaches on YouTube saying that you should be affirming all day. Question – If we had our desire, would we be affirming all day for it? I don’t think so (?) that doesn’t feel right to me.

    In the past I was able to manifest anything but since “believing” I have to affirm all day I feel exhausted, quit easily and honestly feel like it’s depressing me.
    I literally feel like I can’t be bothered with any of it anymore.

    By using just imagination and Neville’s telephone technique I am able to manifest big things quickly but since using affirmations I seem to attract nothing. It’s not that I don’t believe what I’m saying (with the affirmations) it’s just that it seems to be an excessive amount of work that I just can’t be bothered with for something that should be so simple. It literally feels like it’s depressing my body and I’m getting signals from my mind/body to stop affirming because it’s not the way to manifest.

    What are your views on these law of assumption coaches saying affirm most of the day or every chance you get?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi! Maybe the affirmations make you feel like you’re working for it while other techniques create the feeling of having it already, so you successfully let go and manifest! Stick with the techniques that work. 😘


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