We haven’t touched on this topic for a while – manifesting a do-over with your ex. Also known as attracting an ex back, this method seems like you should truly be manifesting a do-over…until you realize that this concept keeps you hooked on the past, especially the reasons you broke up.

To manifest your ex back, you must be willing to think of your renewed relationship as an entirely new chapter in your life. It’s much easier to manifest a new relationship than an “old” one back – that mindset will keep you focused on the breakup rather than starting anew.

This might sound impossible but you should look at your ex as someone new. Think of your ex as if you just met. If you two met today, how would you see this person? Would you think your ex was smart, impressive, a wonderful person, an attractive energy? Think of them this way again. Affirm these qualities. You will start to feel differently about your ex and believe them to be the person you once fell in love with.


And that is the exact key – remembering the person you fell in love with. If you think of the version of your ex who broke up with you, disappointed you or forced you to break up with them to save your dignity, your energy will continue to attract the two of you being apart. We manifest closeness with those we trust, love and feel safe with, and it is crucial that you think of your ex this way.


From now on, your ex must be seen and thought of by you as trustworthy and worthy of love. Someone you feel safe with. You must affirm these qualities in them. If you want to attract anyone into your life, your thoughts about them must be positive and welcoming. Moreover, feeling safe with your ex is a crucial aspect of manifesting a new relationship with them.

When a break-up happens, we start to think of our exes as people who can hurt us. Such perception creates a protective wall between us and our experiences; in other words, we cannot manifest love with someone unless we believe they’ll contribute to our lives in a positive way. If you believe your ex might hurt you again, you will create inner fear and subconsciously prevent manifestation of love with that person. As long as you fear getting hurt, you cannot attract a person you believe might hurt you. This is how personal energy works to create your reality.

Now is the time to begin affirming that your ex is trustworthy, until you start to believe it or manifest them back. (You could manifest your ex back before you even realize you believe in them, or you could believe first and manifest them afterwards. Don’t put pressure on the current reality – just affirm and allow yourself to feel better than you did until now.)

You feel safe with your families, friends or loved ones. You already have people you trust in your life. Imagine the ex you want back being one of them. Doesn’t that feel good? Don’t you want them to be someone you trust again?

Not only does that feel good but it’s also an essential step in the manifestation of your love story. Trust creates positive energy, and positive energy attracts people.

From now on, your ex is a person you can trust, regardless of your history. This is now a new reality. There is no history. Put it behind you.

Today, you are starting over. Your ex is now a new person, and you can trust them easily. They prove it every day. Imagine this! Visualize and affirm it.

You and your ex are both new people. We change every day, and neither of you are the same person you were when you broke up. Think of your new life, and only your new life. Then, you will manifest that life.

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