Are you happy at work or would you like to use Law of Attraction to manifest a different job or career?

Here are some jobs I manifested since developing confidence in being a unique employee whose specific niche is recognized, appreciated and highly in demand.

Communications consultant whose first client funded her incorporation. I was hired before even having a business and very excited to start! This experience gave me a massive injection of confidence.

Writer and blogger. Poems, books, guest blogging and writing in two languages. This manifestation started in my childhood and continued into adulthood. Blogs didn’t even exist when I started!

Adjunct lecturer at a private university. I manifested this job out of thin air. I hadn’t applied but knew I wanted to work at a university and they called me! Everything I had done by then (blogging included) served as a reference for being offered an opportunity to create my own university course. I loved every moment of it and was able to help teach confidence, presentation skills and forming one’s own professional niche to students who went onto achieving great success.

Full time life and Law of Attraction coach. This job came by popular demand and grew, showing the power of Law of Attraction itself.

Is there a job you’d like to manifest?

You may think that you shouldn’t visualize your dream job because it’s “hard to get” but you should; only by visualizing what you truly want will you approach it from the place of love!

And love is the manifestation mover, shaker, fixer and creator. When you want what you love, you influse love into your thoughts and visualization, and create results!


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