When using law of attraction for intentional manifestation, you already know I’m all about deciding and believing. I decide that something is mine, and I stick to it…and sticking to it means choosing belief even during moments of resistance.

Let’s start here.

resistance happens (for the most part) when you begin to change yourself

Resistance reminds us of the current reality. Resistance doesn’t serve our desired mindsets. Yet we have to approach it with kindness.

In my life, I try to be in the flow. I affirm who I am – we manifest who we are, after all, this is the meaning of awareness – and allow myself to feel it based on my decisions of what is mine. If something is off about the current reality, I refuse to allow it to change my ideal awareness of what is mine. When I stick to my ideal awareness, the life I already know is mine starts to manifest in the physical form.

The kinder I am with myself about simply feeling resistance because it’s a part of manifesting, the faster it leaves. Just like failure is a part of success, resistance is a part of manifestation.

patience is easy when you embrace your new self

When translated to real time, knowing that what I want is mine means knowing it’s going to manifest 100%. This is a separate issue from being okay in the current reality until the manifestation, and appreciating what you have so I can patiently allow for my desire to manifest. (The more patient I am, the faster it will happen, remember?)

So what do I do to allow for patience?

I visualize! I picture the life of living my desire. I affirm how amazing it all is.


I welcome and embrace my new life. I am ready to leave behind the old to manifest the new. Whatever absolutely has to change for my desire to manifest (wanting to live somewhere else means leaving where I am now, for example), I am ready for. We can and should live with our decisions related to our desires.

all these elements put me in the flow of manifesting even more magically than i thought possible!

A positive attitude towards my manifestation is a must. I know what I want, and I allow Universe to make it happen in the best, fastest and the most magical way. I stay away from guilt and self-criticism. I am 100% accountable and always know that my goals matter but day-to-day details lead to them.

Resistance can lead to guilt and self-criticism. These are negative reactions. Kindness towards my own resistance, when it happens, prevents those negative reactions.

You know what also happens if those negative reactions are given any power?

They can make me doubt that what I want is mine.

And not even a moment of doubt is acceptable. Because it gets in the way of happiness.

How happy would you be if you simply knew you were getting what you want?


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