When You Love and Value Yourself and Your Dreams…

When you practice thinking that what you want is yours, a belief in miracles simply because there is no reason not to believe in them, and holding yourself accountable for your negative thoughts and daily practices while actively changing them to positive,

The day you wake up and your first instinctual thought is a positive one will happen inevitably.


Why is this going to happen?

Because you had been feeding your conscious mind positive affirmations, beliefs and practices until your subconscious one accepted a positive image of yourself. Your awareness just changed.

Suddenly, picturing yourself in your ideal life becomes natural. Believable. Miracles being a normal part of your reality. Including the miracle of this life manifesting – when you picture yourself in it, you feel like it already has. It feels real. Natural. You know it’s yours. You see it so easily that it feels like you’re there already.

You stop questioning whether or not it could ever be yours, whether or not you ever did. Now that you can see yourself there so easily, you know that it’s yours.

First, you changed your level of positive thinking and self-confidence; second, you chose to think about the things you love instead of the things that frustrate you. Third, you were able to see yourself in a great place suited for a happy person – living your dreams. You were able to see it as easily as you always see the current reality.

This life that many couldn’t even imagine themselves having? You feel it being yours already. Easily. It’s natural to you, natural that you would live in such blessings.

This is how you deserve to feel.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

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