I’ve been told that I didn’t understand how difficult it can be to stay positive about a manifestation while living in the current reality of pain and grief. I haven’t had enough pain and grief for everyone to notice – this is true – but I’ve certainly had boredom. Boredom can also make staying positive in the current reality difficult, but wanting to eliminate its presence is exactly what motivates me to focus on my ideal reality instead.

You see, we can’t get rid of pain if we focus on the pain. And dwelling on our boredom won’t stop us from being bored. We have to step back from these emotions and look at them from the outside because that is the only way to gain perspective.

Why is that the only way?

Law of Attraction explains it perfectly – we receive more of what we focus on. The thoughts we nurture will grow. Therefore, we should nurture positive thoughts to move away from negativity.


Does that make sense?

how to change your thoughts to change your life

We were taught that a problem must be solved by focusing on its components. Law of Attraction tells us that replacing a problem with a positive solution is the way to solve that problem.

If I’m bored, I must do or visualize something that represents happiness and fun to me. I’m going to visualize being in a situation that makes me say, “Yes! I want this in my life! This much happiness is the only reality I choose!”

I’ll do that because I know that I must make those happy scenarios my first choice. The Universe interprets what we focus on to be our choice, so I better send the right message.

This is a principle of LoA we should always keep in mind, because it can make our lives much easier!

Let’s make it our new mantra.

stepping into self-love

We can make practical changes in our lives by applying these ideas to our day-to-day lives and sprinkling our realities with a little affirmation or visualization – because they aren’t a fairy tale. They’re real and they work.

We can also make significant changes by practicing self-love in every single aspect of life, and soon becoming a magnet of positivity, reflective in our thoughts and positive changes in our lives.

If you think about it, choosing positive thoughts is a reflection of loving ourselves. Choosing negative thoughts means continuing to practice punishing mindsets.


  1. Hi Nina,

    What are your thoughts on the fact that feelings of boredom can actually mean we are close to manifesting our desire? I want my desire but sometimes the feeling that I’m ok regardless takes over. I’m so used to my life the way that it is that even visualizing everyday, sometimes I feel like I don’t get excited about my ideal reality?

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    • Hi! Feeling that you’re okay now and will be regardless is a good thing. There’s a difference between feeling that you would be unhappy living with something manifested and knowing you’ll be fine either way and not feeling like thinking about it anymore but just letting it unfold. Now, live your life doing other things you enjoy and let it unfold!

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