Do You Have Trust Issues? With LoA, You Don’t Have To.

We should all develop an immense level of trust in our desires manifesting – it is what makes life easier and manifestation faster.

Trust is the factor often missing from the confidence in reaching our goals; after all, how could one possibly work without the other?

But here’s the thing – you only had trust issues in the past because it was easier to be afraid than think positive.


Oftentimes, humans like to rely on their past experiences in “predicting” (a.k.a. deciding) the future ones. You might be doing this because you think that something you consider “possible” or “realistic” is a safer choice, a goal you can reach and a way to win, as opposed to your dream goal which you currently don’t consider yourself capable of manifesting.

There’s more beauty in the world than you could possibly imagine.

By looking at the past, we feel that we are protecting ourselves. Our true goal is to live in the moment, having completely put the past behind us and expecting only what we desire in the present and nothing less.


Why am I saying that what we consider predicting is in fact deciding?

Even when we feel that a specific desire is too much for us to manifest, it is because we have chosen to accept this awareness. We have decided what we can and can’t have yet we should decide that anything is possible! When we choose to change our belief, on the other hand, we will start to accept and trust that we can manifest anything we want, and that our desires are possible for us to be living.

Rehashing our past is what tends to keep us away from having hope in the future. We often fear things repeating but just like with everything else, experiencing something different starts with wanting something different.

Now, here’s a question.

Do you want your life to be different or do you just not want it to be the same as it was or has been? There’s a big difference.


Loving something doesn’t just mean hating the opposite of it. Loving your desire is not the same as hating its alternative.

Do you genuinely want your desire or simply don’t want your life to be as it is anymore? Do you want to change it but actually want to manifest something other than what you claim to want?

Because it impacts your focus.
Truly wanting your manifestation will ensure that you imagine your life with it, and trust that it’s going to happen in a miraculous way. Truly wanting the said desire, whatever it may be, will produce joyous visualizations of living it, and that is what will enhance your focus on the future instead of the past.

It is in fact when we don’t focus on the love but rather avoiding the failure that we begin to have distrust in manifesting our desire. When we focus on love, we trust that our desire must manifest; when we focus on avoiding the pain, like we’d previously experienced, we have zero trust that our desire is going to manifest.

Besides focusing on what we would truly love because we love it, not because we want to avoid the pain, and wanting to experience something different instead of the past all over again, we will also reach inner peace and trust by realizing that the past doesn’t matter. All in all, how could it? It’s gone. Why would it have to define anyone’s future? Why would it have to define anything?

Just because an event that happened in it caused an emotional reaction in someone which they have decided scarred them for life? Pain is so much worse when we fear it but when we face it, we see that we are above it, and not its servant.

Life doesn’t have to repeat itself. And it shouldn’t.

Aren’t you tired of thinking about the past?

Is it truly who you want to be for the rest of your life?

I didn’t think so.

Come to see that the past simply isn’t worth thinking about. It prevents you from living in the moment and creating something different.

LoA is pretty simple – it gives us what we focus on. For as long as we lovingly imagine ourselves living what we want and actually living that different life we claim to want, not just talking about living it, that is we’ll receive.

Yet for as long as we focus on fearing whether or not we will ever manifest the said life, fear will continue to come back and manifestation will continue to stay away.

Trust in your dream come true life only.

Published by Nina Grdic

Life coach, writer, lifelong traveler, music lover and confidence/positivity/Law of Attraction expert.

4 thoughts on “Do You Have Trust Issues? With LoA, You Don’t Have To.

  1. Nina. Thank you. Time after time I get hiccups and then wonder why LOA isn’t working for me. It’s because I’m FOCUSED on LACK and FEAR. I wasn’t putting all my attention and love on what I love and steeping myself into that love with positive expecatation and also to allow muself to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. My words for this month are Focus(on the love) and Expectancy( it must come because I asked for it). How and when are not my concern(Trust). Thank you from one of your biggest fans. I appreciate everything you write. Thank you!!!

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