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Why the Uninhibited are Attractive, Confident and Why They Manifest

If you look at it closely, if you analyze society for less than five minutes, you’ll see that individuals who have no inhibitions about being their true selves tend to be treated like exotic creatures. They draw attention; they own the room. Inexplicable, novel and magnetic, such individuals collect praise based on what should be a normal state of existence for every person.

What does that say about the level of inhibition in society?

It says that very few dare to be themselves. Very few.

So, why not everyone? Especially because…


Those who dare to be themselves are attractive. There are many reasons for this so let’s discuss some of the most interesting ones.

Individuals who don’t drown in inhibition are attractive because their level of self-comfort makes them mysterious. Few dare to be entirely comfortable with their true self, especially their honest nature. Anyone that is instantly becomes enigmatic beyond belief.

Even the uninhibited whom you don’t find traditionally attractive turn out to be those you can’t stop looking at. You find yourself trying to figure out who they really are. Why do they feel so free? What happens inside their brains to make them so comfortable living without regard for inhibition? Where many people would worry about appearances, they create appeal. They never seem to overthink – just be – and they attract more mystery while being themselves entirely. What a paradox. Yet this is the paradox I’ve always tried to explain.

Honesty is so rare that it makes the honest ones mysterious.

Imagine yourself comfortable enough to love every part of your personality. To know that being your true self makes you attractive. All of your likes and preferences, even your guilty pleasures. Why? Because you love them for positive reasons. They make you happy; they make you feel free. When you engage in them, you enjoy life.

How would you react, encountered with such a person? Someone who happily expresses to you that they adore an activity or a type of music which usually invites mockery? This person clearly loves themselves. The subject in question would instantly seem wonderful, and you would immediately start wondering how to capture the same happiness. The person and the activity would immediately seem attractive.

Imagine yourself on that same level of self-love. And then, imagine your specific person encountering you in such a state. You would never doubt their attraction for you. You wouldn’t deem yourself inadequate for them, in any way.

When you love yourself, Law of Attraction seemingly works on its own.

These people manifest because they love themselves!

Choosing to not be yourself happens because there is inhibition. Alternatively, seemingly being who you are but continuously thinking that something will always go wrong or perceiving other people as more interesting than yourself also indicates a lack of self-confidence which leads to forming inhibitions. Those who dare to be themselves think about why things could go right, and make life choices reflective of their true desires. They feel good about where they’re going and what they want. In addition to manifesting because they believe in themselves, consciously or subconsciously, they are attractive to others because they evidently have self-confidence.

If everyone dared to be themselves, the honest ones would not be seen as exotic creatures. Just imagine.


I recently saw a TV segment featuring an evidently inhibited individual. This person was obviously genuine but also an overt over-thinker, highly sensitive and an excessive planner. It was difficult for them to take a joke. And when speaking about their relationship troubles, I could see the reasons why their partner ran hot and cold. An intrinsically good person attracts such events because their behavior stems from fear instead of self-love. And fear is a vehicle fuelled by inhibition.

To be extra sure (not that first impressions are incorrect when I focus on one’s true energy and essence), I scanned YouTube for multiple segments featuring this individual. They all gave a homogeneous impression.

No matter how truly nice, this person was unfortunately unattractive. Why was that? They were warm, good looking and lovely, their personality not off-putting in a single way. But their level of discomfort made them unattractive, making obvious the fact they were highly self-conscious. This is a sign that a person holds self-doubt, and those who doubt themselves cannot be happy with who they are.

Furthermore, I looked up several articles written by this person, autobiographical in their nature. They described themselves with the exact impression they were giving out, begrudging themselves for their sensitivity and not being more like their polar opposite friends. Even when those polar opposites were much less attractive physically (photos were featured). At the same time, they felt anxious when faced with their friends’ spontaneity and general differences.

What would have made them attractive? Feeling comfortable with who they are, as they are; it would ensure their comfort around a variety of people. Doing the same things they have been but for different reasons – there’s a big difference between a person who over-prepares because they love to turn anything into an exciting event, and another who does because they’re afraid of the outcome. Doing things out of love instead of fear. Having self-love! If I asked this person whether or not they loved themselves, the answer would probably be “Not as much as I could” or “I don’t know, what does that even mean?”

Why is inhibition even there and what’s behind it? The goal should be to relax and unshackle one’s love for life. Everyone wants to enjoy life; those who intentionally do carry much higher appeal.

Looks cannot beat out energy when it comes to attractiveness.

This was not a person who carried positive energy, the most attractive energy you could harness. They had a positive personality with positive qualities but were unfortunately leading with self-doubt. This person also depended on their relationship for happiness and emotional stability, and clung to their partner who started wavering because their chemistry had subsequently been lost. This person wasn’t complete on their own, which is a hallmark of a great partner. When someone doesn’t build their emotional happiness but seeks it in another, it is because they don’t find themselves to be compelling enough. They are afraid to be complete on their own, though it’s the exact energy that makes us attractive to others.

And a person who struggles in the absence of a relationship is unattractive. No prospective partner wants to believe that your happiness doesn’t exist without them. You want to create fulfillment in your own life, in which you must have more than just your love relationship anyway. You have to feel fulfilled in your own life first, engaging in all of your interests or at least the most important ones; remember, if someone who was interested in nothing in life besides you pursued you, you would feel no chemistry.

You will create happiness by immersing yourself in anything that makes you feel love for life, which leads to manifesting happiness. You will create it by speaking positive words and deciding to believe in miracles, quietly or out loud. Create your own happiness first, so you can share it with your person.

And your inhibitions will melt away as a result. Do something you’re afraid to do and fear will begin to disperse.

Also, love yourself enough that you respect yourself too much to depend on anyone else for your happiness.

Those who create a life they like never end up alone. They live in love, they aren’t afraid to give it and they always find people they want to give it to.

Being complete on your own does not mean you’ll end up alone; it means you will attract the relationship you want because you won’t feel incomplete without it. This relationship won’t feel like such an impossible goal anymore and while it did, it also seemed impossible to manifest. Therefore, it was impossible at the time, because we can only attract what we believe is possible for us. In this case, you must upgrade your belief, and you will believe in the possibility of your relationship once you become willing to be happy without it until it manifests.

When you’re manifesting a cup of coffee, you’re okay without it in the initial moment of request. Why? Because you know it’ll show up. You believe that it will, without inhibition. A relationship can show up just as quickly, if you’re willing to be happy without it until it does. Because it will show up, so why wouldn’t you be happy in the meantime? Unless you’re inhibiting your own belief.

The uninhibited don’t need to see to believe. They don’t need explanations for everything. They can trust in their desired outcomes because their confidence allows them to think positive. They feel good enough to deserve their goals.

You will be happy once your inhibitions are abandoned. Choose to let them go instead of seeing them as scary. We can change the way we see ourselves and life. Take baby steps if you must but know that you’re bigger than your fear. Believing without seeing requires a lack of inhibition and it’s a necessary part of manifestation.

While you’re feeling unattractive or unhappy without your manifestation, you can’t possibly love yourself. You have to be happy until it arrives, believing until it does without inhibition. You are capable of believing that it’s yours even before it arrives; most importantly, you must believe it if you want to see it.

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