Have you ever tried to manifest something you don’t feel excited about but it makes life easier?

Such as a home, a job or money?

Sometimes, excitement isn’t there when manifesting something essential. Many people aren’t taught to be excited about money – if anything, they’re usually taught to think of it as unimportant, even though we all need it! Similarly, many take having a home for granted. Or any job. If those things are seen as something you just have, it’ll be hard to manifest a better job, more money or a beautiful home it would be your dream to live in.

When manifesting something we need but don’t even realize how much – something we take for granted – we should change that to affirming gratitude in order to manifest a greater version of it!

You need a home but might not be grateful for your current, ordinary one; however, you need to be grateful for having that home in order to manifest a bigger and better one! Next, you must be grateful for your perfect home and living in it, as if you’ve moved into it already.

This concept might seem hard – how can you be grateful for both?

You can, because accepting what is brings what you want it to be. And if you can love what is, your reality will shift even faster.

moving manifested fast when i loved and appreciated where i was already

I remember every time I wanted to manifest moving to a new place. Sometimes, I would get bored with my current one. At other times, I loved my current apartment/country but wanted another.

Every time I was excited about a place I was going to while appreciating and loving where I was, my desired shift manifested VERY fast!

And why?

Because my positive energy and knowing how much I already had made me believe I could have even more!

If I felt like I had nothing, how could I have believed in the possibility of having everything? Accepting where we are removes resistance. And it creates excitement.

Why is that?

Because a lack of resistance about the current reality leaves nothing but excitement for things to come!

Accepting current singlehood allows you to visualize being a relationship but without questioning whether you’d get there. Resisting current singlehood would make anyone doubt in the possibility of a relationship, because how could a currently undesirable situation possibly change?

Accept where you are. Why shouldn’t you? It’s okay to be where you are until you get to where you want.

Once you accept it, you’ll become open to having even more, a.k.a. your desires.

Once you accept it, you will also start seeing excitement in the essential aspects of life you wish to amplify. YOU WILL BEGIN TO SEE EVERYTHING YOU HAVE AS A POSITIVE THING! You will see that having money is exciting, and you will attract more. Until now, maybe you were thinking about not having enough money but now, you’re thinking about how great it is! You’re suddenly loving all aspects of your current home, and you can imagine having an even more amazing one.

It’s all uphill from here, and magic awaits.

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