I noticed that I attached a certain meaning to expressing gratitude. As soon as I begin to thank the Universe for anything (“Thank you that I have XYZ bank account(s) balance!”), I activated an inner switch and just start living in the assumption that it’s mine already. I know that it’s mine!

That simple statement is something I’ve trained myself to use so as soon as I say it, I automatically believe there’s no going back and those desires are manifesting unstoppably as a result of a positive, intentional statement which I could never say accidentally.

You can only make a statement like this intentionally, and you should believe you are setting in motion the most amazing manifestation of your life.

Life will always treat us well if we allow ourselves to think it can. When we affirm that it does, we put that order in the Universe and receive its delivery. Life will begin and continue to treat us well. This is Law of Attraction.

other benefits of gratitude

I want to be grateful for what everything I have every day; I never want to think I don’t have enough. If I thought I didn’t have enough, it would be easier to focus on the scarcity instead of abundance.

We don’t want that.

Focusing on gratitude every day makes me happy, and this boosts all of my manifestations! Gratitude increases our daily and overall happiness, raising us to higher vibrations.

The benefits are multi-layered and truly endless.


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