How to Handle Social Media in Your Relationship Manifestation

3 thoughts on “How to Handle Social Media in Your Relationship Manifestation”

  1. Morning,
    i am currently reading your relationship book at the moment, but i have a question…. Im sure its been answered many times but i am struggling to grasp the answer.
    I am visualising being with my ex and us both been blissfully happy to be a couple, it feels good.
    however, how do you let go if you are visualising being with them daily? I dont feel bad or sad, i feel happy when i think of us together, But its hard to let go when im thinking if us being together daily.
    Or is this what i am supposed to do? think of us being happy together to manifest it?

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    1. Hi Fiona! The trick is to enjoy visualizing it when you feel like it, and for the rest of the time, live your life happily because this will allow you to believe it’s really a done deal. If we try to pressure ourselves into visualizing, we perpetually live in the space of “having to visualize to make it happen,” instead of thinking about it happily, as if we have it already. That’s the difference. When you think about living in your apartment, you think of it as something you have, because it’s your home. When you imagine the relationship the way you want it to be, and visualize it as such, you will start to think of it like it’s something you already have, the same way you think about living in your apartment. Whenever we are able to picture ourselves with someone, we are effectively visualizing our relationship, and we have all done this before the start of one relationship or another in our lives. I believe the apartment analogy works best here and I have used it before, as it is something we easily see as ours. That’s how we want to see the relationship.


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