If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!

2 thoughts on “If You Love You, Do So Unconditionally!”

  1. Hey Nina! I want to let you know what all I’ve been doing and to see if I’m definitely on the right track still. As you know, I want to be back with my ex. Well, I’ve been highly influenced lately because I have friends who say we will get back together or we were meant to be and I never brought my ex up! So I dont worry or imagine the how it’s going to happen, I simply go to the end and see us the way I want us to be. I read on here earlier that you told someone “believe that you are the reason he is happier than anything else” and I do just that and it makes me feel good. I also just vividly imagine me laying on his chest and him giving me kisses on my forehead. I imagine him saying to me “you’re so beautiful baby” before giving me a kiss.

    The other desire I would want true is I want to manifest a lot of money. So I visualize myself in the apartment complex I wanna live in like I see myself mostly in my bedroom there so I see myself on my laptop on the bed a lot. I also tell myself “you are so lucky. You got … in your account!!” And I imagine myself buying things without a worry of money. Am I on the right track for both? Thank you sooooo much!!!

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    1. You are and I’m very impressed! Know that this is yours! Others telling you they expect you to get back together is a definite sign – a friend of mine I had once advised experienced that exact same thing!
      You’re also on the right track for money, as you’ve chosen to visualize something you love. If you know that this is yours and continue to love it, it’s all going to come together, fast.


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